How to Install Easy FAQs Pro for WordPress


The best way to install Easy FAQs Pro is directly from the WordPress directory. This way you can easily receive updates to Easy FAQs Pro along with WordPress core.

Once you’ve installed the Easy FAQs plugin, you’ll then enter your API key to complete the installation. Until you activate your copy Easy FAQs Pro, you will not be able to use the Pro features such as the accordion.

Step 1: Download the Easy FAQs plugin

Download the Easy FAQs plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory (zip file, plugin page).

Tip: You can also search for “Easy FAQs” from the Plugins page in your WordPress dashboard, and install Easy FAQs using WordPress’ built-in plugin installer.

Step 2: Upload the plugin using FTP

Unzip, and use an FTP client to upload the contents of the /easy_faqs/ folder to your website’s /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Tip: you may be able to skip this step by uploading using the Plugins > Add New menu in WordPress. Please note, this feature depends on your server’s configuration, and may not be supported on your website.

Step 3: Activate Easy FAQs through the Plugins menu in WordPress

Once you’ve uploaded the files, click on the the Plugins menu in your WordPress dashboard. In the list of plugins, find Easy FAQs and then click Activate.

Step 4: Activate Easy FAQs Pro with your API Key

Now that you’ve activated the plugin, you’ll have a new menu in WordPress named Easy FAQs Settings. Click on this menu to bring up the Easy FAQs settings page.

On this page, you’ll see a form for you to enter your API Key, website, and email to activate the Pro plugin. This information should have arrived in your email as soon as you purchased Easy FAQs Pro, but if you’re having any trouble at all, please contact support and we’ll be happy to help.

Developer License: How To Activate

Developer licenses work a bit differently: instead of entering an API key, you can simply upload the extra plugin you received when you purchased alongside Easy FAQs, and this will activate your plugin automatically (no need for an API key).

This way you can add the Pro plugin to your version control or your base theme, and not have to worry about managing API keys for each site.

Step 5: Add your FAQs and Setup an FAQs Page!

You’ve finished installing the plugin! You’ll most likely want to add some FAQs now (just click the new Faqs menu in your WordPress admin), and then setup a page to display your FAQs (just add the [faqs] shortcode to any post or page).

For more customization options, please visit the Easy FAQs configuration options page.

Stuck? We Are Here To Help

If you’re having any trouble at all installing Easy FAQs Pro, please contact support and we’ll be glad to help.