How To Configure Before & After To Work With Any Forms Plugin

Before & After natively supports Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms, but can be used with any forms plugin that works by inserting a shortcode.

Here’s how to configure your forms plugin to work with Before & After:

1) Create a new Before & After Goal via the Goals > Add New Goal menu

2) In the Before meta box, select “Show the following text”, and then paste your form shortcode into the large text box.

3) Select whatever you’d like for the After meta box

4) Save the Goal by clicking the Publish button. Then copy the [complete_goal] shortcode from the Shortcodes meta box – we’ll need it in the next step.

5) Configure your form to send users to a specific page after they submit your form. On that page, paste the [complete_goal] shortcode we copied in the previous step.

That’s all! Now you can insert your Before & After Goal into any page, and it will work with your forms plugin.