WP Social Pro Changelog


  • Update Welcome Screen to only show at correct times.


  • Update Facebook Access Token logic to better handle Graph API error messages.


  • Update Access Token logic to handle new Graph API response.


  • Fix issue with Welcome Screen constantly redirecting.


  • Add masonry to photo gallery.


  • New Welcome Screen.
  • Facebook Post Information field updates.
  • Admin UI Updates.


  • 3.0.3: Update CPT for compatibility with other Gold Plugins; compatible with WordPress 4.7


  • Update photo directory structure.


  • Major Update: rewrites core of plugin, including caching, data storage, and more.


  • Compatible with WP 4.5


  • Address issue with $this being called in non-object context in two public functions.


  • Minor fixes.
  • Codebase cleanup, performance enhancements.
  • Compatible with WP 4.4.2.


  • Update: adds text-domain and sets up for proper translation, adds partial Spanish translation, removes instances of deprecated WPLANG usage.
  • Update: arranges Options in a more logical manner.
  • Update: clean up redundant functions.


  • Fix: address issue with html tags being displayed or truncated incorrectly.


  • Fix: address issue with message not being properly truncated in certain situations.


  • Update widgets for WordPress 4.3 compatibility
  • Fix: output nothing when no settings have been entered (page id, app id, secret key), but the widget is displayed anyway


  • Fix: address issue with bad photo read more links in FB Groups.


  • Fix: Bust cache when options change


  • Fix: Bust cache when options change
  • Fix: Default to “no selection” on typography options
  • Fix: Update method for loading user profile photos


  • Update: fix issue with settings not taking on widgets


  • Bugfix: use HTTPS to embed Google webfonts when needed


  • Update: lowers cache time on feeds to 15 mins
  • Bugfix: handle caching of multiple feeds properly
  • Bugfix: address issue with incorrect truncating of item message
  • Bugfix: address character encoding with non-US character sets in Comments.
  • Compatible with WP 4.2


  • Update: adds caching to ik_fb_feed shortcode to improve load times
  • Compatible with WP 4.1.2


  • Update: sets timezone to local time (as configured on the site) before outputting event dates.


  • Update: allows setting of date range window for displaying Posts and Events
  • Update: compatible with Graph API v2.3
  • Update: Adds many more example shortcodes and improves setup process
  • Fix: various minor fixes.


  • Update: Adds Support For Multi-Photo Posts, Facebook Stories, Shared Posts, and More!


  • Fix: address issue with undefined constant WP_LANG


  • Fix: address 400 error generated when a Google Font wasn’t selected in the Typography options.
  • Update compatibility to WP 4.1.1


  • Feature: Adds shortcode generator.
  • Notice: George is bad at Mario Kart.


  • Update: Exposes many more attributes via shortcode.
  • Fix: Correct Alt Text on Success / Fail checkboxes on status page.
  • Fix: Address undefined index notices and php shorttag issue with Bikeshed.
  • Fix: Address issue where some Graph queries were timing out, throwing various Feed Not Loading errors.


  • Update: compatibility to WP 4.1
  • Update: enhanced error reporting for assistance troubleshooting
  • Fix: address jQuery issue in Bikeshed.


  • Fix: address issue caused by introducing PHP namespaces.


  • Feature: Add Typography inputs to the Feed Style Options.
  • Upgrade: Clean up styling and layout of various options.


  • Change the way we query FB Events API to no longer grab events that occurred in the past and to no longer limit events to those within the next two weeks.
  • Pro Feature: Events Options – Event Date Range and Event Image Size options.


  • Fix: stop outputting br’s in img alt text.
  • Fix: address incorrect error message on feed status screen.


  • Fix: address warning with nl2br when empty string was being passed.


  • Pro Option: Add Date Formatting Control to the Event Options.
  • Fix: correctly parse newlines into br’s
  • Fix: make links clickable


  • Pro Feature: Events Options tab with option to reverse the order of events in your events only feed.
  • Update: address some user reported issues with the event feed.


  • Update: Adds new status widget to Plugin Status & Help Page.
  • Update: Cleans up messaging on Status & Help page.


  • Increase timeout on wp_remote_get to account for occasionally slow FB API responses.
  • Fix typo causing a PHP Notice to appear.


  • Adds API Key registration method.


  • Adds notifications if required settings are not present.


  • Fix unset var notice.
  • Fix issue where page owner only queries are limited by FB to 100 returned posts, causing an issue when trying to load more than 100 at a time.
  • Speed up page owner only query load times.


  • Address issue where certain feed items, such as stories about a user liking their own post, were taking up space in the feed object, thus making it appear as if no items or less items than requested are actually loading.


  • Address issue where height and width of the feed window are backwards.


  • Updates compatibility to WP 4.0.
  • Codebase upgrade.

  • Address issue where page ID wasn’t properly set on photo links.
  • Update compatibility for WordPress 3.9.2.

  • Address issue where blank line items might appear in your feed.

  • Address issue with Posted Date not displaying if Show Posted By was not checked.

  • Address some reports of feed not loading.


  • Update: allow users to control whether the Picture appears before or after the Message, via the Custom HTML options.
  • Fix: address error in setting custom image size for feed images.

  • Update: Address some feed loading errors.
  • Update: Change how feed is loaded when showing page owner posts only, preventing multiple different errors and improving performance.

  • Update: Add better error handling to prevent some user reported errors.

  • Update: Add mb_substr support for users with different character sets, such as Korean.
  • Update: Output photo description or caption with thumbnails as well as with full sized photos.

  • Update: Fix logic to accurately reflect the number of likes and comments on feed items.

  • Update: alter photo gallery output to address sizing issues with image containers.

  • Update: a few more markup tweaks.

  • Update: addresses some markup validation errors and warnings.

  • Update: replaces some deprecated functions.
  • Update: addresses some markup validation errors and warnings.


  • Update: change various links / wording to match new website
  • Feature: adds ability to control the color and font size of the Posted On Date in the Facebook Feed.

  • Fix: Address issue with improperly set default feed item limit affecting multiple different situations.

  • Fix: Address issue with error handling and WP HTTP API.


  • Update: replaces PHP’s Curl library with WordPress’ HTTP API
  • Fix: updates feed parser to address some issues.


  • Feature: adds ability to control the format of the post date.
  • Fix: addresses various minor items.


  • Feature: adds multi language and regional support! We will add new language options to the plugin as we complete our translations!
  • Feature: adds ability to filter feed to only show Events!
  • Fix: miscellaneous fixes.


  • Fix: address issue with image link title being output incorrectly, causing broken HTML in the feed.


  • Fix: address issue with Height in Like Button shortcode.


  • Feature: adds Like Button Widget for Sidebar.
  • Update: add some sanitation to various Options.
  • Update: format Style Options screen to be more user-friendly. Add ability to set height of images and feed window to 100%, as well as specific pixel sizes.
  • Update: modify output of title attribute on photo links for compatibility with some lightbox javascripts, such as foobox

  • Fix: address issue where non-thumbnail images had broken sources if the link to facebook item option was enabled.


  • Feature: ability to control where photos link.


  • Fix: address CSS issue in Blue Theme.


  • Feature: Expands Event Support – now allowed to embed the Feed specifically from an Event’s Page! Plugin will automatically detect if this is an Event Feed.


  • Minor Fix: Remove duplicate theme.
  • Fix: Address conflict preventing custom styling options from working correctly.


  • Quick Fix: Fix bad path to Dark Theme stylesheet.


  • Pro Feature: Adds tons of new themes! Including the Pro Halloween theme – just in time!
  • Feature: Many Styling Options have been added – and more will come! No need to know CSS.
  • Update: Use WordPress Language Setting for outputting time formats.
  • Update: Reorganize options to be easier to find. Update descriptions to be easier to understand.
  • Fix: Link Read More to individual object on Facebook.


  • Fix: Address issue with Shared Images not coming through in the feed correctly.
  • Fix: Address issue where shared links with text were only outputting the URL of the link and not the shared text.


  • Feature: Ability to set number of photos displayed in a gallery via the Shortcode or Dashboard.
  • Feature: Much improved configuration error reporting – no more public facing WP Social messages in your feed.
  • Feature: Plugin Settings & Help Screen. This screen will show you your settings, help you troubleshoot what may be wrong (if you’re having trouble), and will show you example shortcodes to use.
  • Fix: Allow more than 25 items to be displayed in the Feed.
  • Fix: Address issue where Thumbnail sized photos were always displayed in the feed, regardless of Settings.
  • Minor Fix: Allow more than 25 photos to be displayed in a Photo Gallery.
  • Minor Fix: Compute Event Date times differently.
  • Minor Fix: Update caching method to speed up page load times.


  • Fix: Address end date and time zone issues with Events.


  • Feature: adds support for Events.


  • Fix: address issue where number of items displayed was defaulting to 2, if not limit had ever been set previously.
  • Fix: address CSS issue with Powered By output.


  • Bug Fix: fix issue where site-wide image width settings were being ignored in the Widget version of the feed.
  • Minor Feature: add option to control the width of images in the Widget, via Widget settings.


  • Minor Update: Adds Full List of Options to Widget


  • Bug Fix: Address issue where the absolute path to the custom stylesheet (if you were using one in your theme directory) was being used instead of the URI, causing the stylesheet not to load.


  • New Feature: Ability to pass the Page ID of the Facebook Page via the shortcode – this allows you to add more than one Facebook account to a given page!
  • Bug Fix: Address PHP error with unset data when using the Template Function to add the Facebook Feed.


  • Minor Update: adds support for new feature – limit number of posts displayed via the shortcode.


  • New Feature: Ability to Embed Facebook Photo Galleries into your Website!
  • Fix: when no full-sized photo is parsed from the feed, fallback to using the thumbnail photo.
  • Minor Fix: CSS adjustments.


  • Bug Fix: addresses issue where thumbnail sized photos were always being sourced, leading to blurry photos when trying to display larger versions in the feed.


  • Minor Fix: addresses a spacing issue in the number of likes for comments.


  • Feature: Adds ability to display comments in the feed. Comments also support other WP Social options, such as Posted on Date, Avatars, and Number of Likes.


  • Update: Upgraded feature set and interface to integrate IK Social Pro and WP Social.
  • Feature: Adds ability to display user avatars in the feed.
  • Feature: Adds ability to show number of comments in the feed.
  • Feature: Adds ability to show number of likes in the feed.
  • Minor Feature: Adds ability to disable pro styling options


  • Update: Compatible with 3.6
  • Update: Adjust Settings Output for New Pro Options


  • Update: cleans up the layout of the Settings screen
  • Update: reposition “Read More” text to a logical place


  • Interface Updates
  • Feature: Images in Feed Link to Full Sized Versions
  • Feature: Updates Themes to include No Style and Default Style. The No Style Theme includes no CSS at all — everything fully inherits from your website. The Default Theme includes basic styles to adjust the layout of the items of the feed – no colors are applied.
  • Fix: No longer upsize thumbnails in the feed to larger than their starting size, when the options to fix the Feed Image height or width are set.


  • Minor Updates


  • Minor Change: Update some wording and buttons on the Settings screen.


  • Feature: Adds Option to display date of post in feed.


  • Feature: Option to Limit the Number of Displayed Characters in Parts of Feed. Read More is displayed if Post is shortened.


  • Update: change default Feed Title link to go to Feed’s FB Page


  • Fix: addressed issue where some URLs were being output relative to the site URL, leading to some broken links.


  • Feature: Adds option to hide Facebook Page Title from the top of the feed.


  • Feature: Adds Request Caching using the WordPress Transient API, significantly decreasing page load time.
  • Update some language on the settings screen, readme file, and screenshot.


  • Feature: Adds option to set the Height of images that are displayed in the Feed.
  • Fix: Change Page Title of Settings Page to ‘Social Plugin Settings’ instead of ‘WP Social Plugin Settings’, when unbranded option is enabled.
  • Fix: Address typo on Settings page.


  • Feature: Adds support for new Pro Features – Individual Font and Feed Styling Options.
  • Feature: Adds option to display “Powered By” link.
  • Fix: Adds logic to prevent outputting custom CSS multiple times in footer.


  • Feature: Adds Option to Output “Posted By Author” in the feed.


  • Feature: Adds Option to Limit Number Of Displayed Posts.


  • Minor Update: Remove “on Facebook” hardcoded text from Feed Title.


  • Fix: Properly Adds Blue Style.


  • Feature: Adds Blue Style Pre-made Theme.


  • Feature: Adds Optional Pre-made Feed Themes.


  • Fix: fix order that Custom CSS is loaded to guarantee that the custom styles are used
  • Fix: remove inline styling from Like Button and place it in CSS file, instead.


  • Fix: fix issue where the graph data didn’t contain a properly formed link, leading to an Error message being output instead of the Like Button.


  • Feature: Adds support for new Pro Feature – Custom HTML.
  • Update: remove branding from Settings Updated message.
  • Update: update method of building and outputting the feed.
  • Update: Change some wording throughout.
  • Fix: fix bad image output when URL to full-sized photo was not set.


  • Feature: Adds support for new Pro Feature – Unbranded Dashboard
  • Update: Output options more efficiently


  • Fix: output already started error.


  • Fix: fix shortcode output always appearing at the top of the_content()


  • Fix: Fix issue when The WP Social Plugin Pro package was deactivated.


  • Readme Update


  • Feature: Introduces support for the IK Social Plugin Pro, a premium enhancement plugin that provides additional useful features.
  • Updates plugin to be compatible with WordPress 3.5.1.


  • Fix: Fix issue that was causing Profile Photo to not load for some Facebook Profiles.


  • Feature: Adds option to set width of images displayed in feed. Will use high-res images if this option is enabled, otherwise output thumbnails.
  • Feature: Adds ability to output the Dark or Light color scheme for the Like Button, both in the Feed, Widget and the standalone Like Button.


  • Only load custom style sheet if one exists.


  • Adds Option to Show / Hide Profile Picture.


  • Feature: Adds ability to embed Like Button, without Feed.
  • Feature: Adds functions to output Feed and / or Like Button in theme files.
  • Clarifies installation instructions.
  • Simplifies setup process.


  • CSS compatibility adjustment.


  • Feature: can now create a CSS file in your theme directory titled ‘ik_fb_custom_style.css’ – these styles will automatically be loaded by the plugin.


  • Bug fix: remove double output of wrapping widget tag.
  • Feature: added option to show or hide the Like Button (hidden by default).


  • Cleanup Widget markup, using WordPress $before and $after markup.


  • Adds Title Field to Widget.
  • Allows multiple Widgets to be active on the site at once.


  • Pull Page Link, Page Name, from Open Graph instead of user options.


  • Readme Updated (again).


  • Readme Updated.


  • Typo fix.


  • Released!