Single Testimonial Shortcode Reference

The [single_testimonial] shortcode displays a single testimonial that you specify.

Use the attributes below to control which testimonial is selected and how it should be displayed. All attributes are optional.

    'id': '', // the WordPress post ID of the testimonial to show. 
    'testimonials_link':  '', // URL of the "View More Testimonials" link. Set on the options panel    
    'show_title':  0, // Output the title of the testimonial. (1 = yes, 0 = no)
    'use_excerpt':  false, // if true, use the excerpt instead of the full testimonial
    'show_thumbs':  true, // If true, output the Featured Image
    'show_rating':  'stars', // how to display the rating (either as stars, or as text before or after the testimonial). Options: 'stars', 'before', 'after'.
    'theme': 'default_style', // the theme to use to display this testimonial
    'show_date':  true, // if true, output the date of the testimonial. Set to false to hide the date.
    'show_other':  true, // if true, output the "Product / Location / Other" field. Set to false to hide.
    'width':  false, // enforce a maximum width. Expects a pixel value, as an integer (e.g., '300' for 300px)
    'hide_view_more':  0, // Output the "View More Testimonials" link, which takes the user to the full testimonials page. Set to 1 to hide the link, 0 to show it.
    'output_schema_markup':  true // Whether to output hidden markup for search engines like Google to parse. Good for SEO. Set to false to disable.