Using Hello Testimonials with Easy Testimonials

Hello Testimonials is our service for automatically collecting Testimonials from your customers. It integrates directly with Easy Testimonials to provide complete solution for continually collecting and publishing new testimonials to your website.

Follow this simple guide to integrate your Hello Testimonials account with Easy Testimonials. Testimonials you approve on Hello Testimonials will be automatically added to your WordPress website.

Importing Testimonials from Hello Testimonials

Before you begin, you’ll need your JSON URL from Hello Testimonials. You can find your JSON URL by visiting this page, while logged in:
Hello Testimonials Custom Integrations

Scroll down to the bottom and copy the JSON URL and paste it into the relevant field on the Hello Testimonials settings screen.

Adding your JSON URL

Navigate to Import & Export Testimonials » Hello Testimonials. From here, paste in the JSON URL you acquired from Hello Testimonials when you began.

Hello Testimonials settings screen.
This is the Hello Testimonials settings screen. Here, you can add your Hello Testimonials account information, turn the integration on or off, and manually trigger an import whenever you want.

Enable Hello Testimonials Integration

With this setting enabled, Easy Testimonials will automatically import newly collected testimonials that you’ve approved on Hello Testimonials. If this box is not checked, testimonials will only be downloaded when you click the Import Now button.

Import from Hello Testimonials Now

If you have new testimonials that you want to add now, use the “Import Now” button. Clicking this will trigger the import process immediately. This is also useful to test that you have input the right information into the JSON URL field.