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Kings of Midgard: Yggdrasil (9v9)

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-• Kings of Midgard: Yggdrasil,the Tree that Connects the 9 Worlds •-


          Kings of Midgard: Yggdrasil (KOM:Y) is the official four-phased RSS 9v9 war event with each phase representing an “Arc”. Each Arc runs for approximately six (6) Fridays and one (1) Sunday. Each Arc corresponds one castle map namely Valkyrie Realm, Greenwood Lake, Britoniah and Luina.



  • Scoring night is every Friday (1st-5th) with the last Friday being the elimination and semifinals round. The finals will be held on Sunday following the last scoring.



  1. A round robin formula will be followed throughout the whole arc.
  2. Each match is given a 25-minute duration. This includes disconnection calls, recalls, rebuffs, restock and the 7-minute per round time limit.
  3. Participants are compelled to follow a strict schedule. A timetable for the matches will be released every week.
  4. Absences and late attendance will result to the opposing team’s win by default.
  5. A win equals a point.
  6. At the end of the scoring period, the top 6 teams shall be the contenders for the Arc Finals.



  1. The top 1-6 teams are the contenders for the Arc Finals.
  2. Top 1 and 2 teams automatically qualify for the semi-finals. The top 3-6 teams will go against each other in the elimination round in a 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5 match.
  3. Each match from the eliminations to the semi-finals is race to 2, best of 3 with the final match being race to 3, best of 5.
  4. The official venue for the 9v9 Championships is RSS Arena (rss_arena). Map flags tailored for team war events are applied.
  5. It is the responsibility of the teams to check their potions, buffs, other usable items, equipment and internet connection. Upon recall, GM staff will ask the participants if they are ready, if they need another recall, or should they call for a disconnection.
  6. All teams are given a 1-minute buffer before the battle proper starts. A 10-second countdown signals the battle.
  7. The time limit for each round’s battle proper is 7 minutes.
  8. The team who can obliterate their opponent earns a point for the round. Should there be no wipe out in the 7-minute time limit, the side with more number of members wins the round.
  9. The titles “Heart Kings of Valkyrie Realm”, “Clover Kings of Greenwood Lake”, “Spade Kings of Britoniah”, and “Diamond Kings of Luina” are to be bestowed upon the respective winners of each arc.


The Final Battle

          The four Kings from the respective arcs will again face each other in a decisive arena battle for the title Kings of Midgard: Yggdrasil. The same guidelines apply for the Arc Finals with additional mechanics as follows:

  1. Each arc is assigned a number from 1-4, with the first arc being 1, the second arc 2, and so on. The preset match will be 1 vs 4, and 2 vs 3.
  2. Double elimination system will be observed during the championships, with the winner’s bracket having a +1 advantage in the final round.
  3. The last team standing shall reign supreme as the Kings of Midgard: Yggdrasil.




🏆 Spade Kings of Britoniah

  • Arc Champions: 
        image.png.c0f876d03d1bee6bce75477fb6ed6f0b.png 1 Goku Hair per member
    For the whole team:
        image.png.5ff9d81654af213371f4aa70b8e72c2a.png 10,000 Ymir Coins
        image.png.76a962068b526b42eb8385c5e245b977.png 20 Gympass Boxes
              100,000 RoK Points

  • 1st Runner Up (whole team)
        image.png.5ff9d81654af213371f4aa70b8e72c2a.png 5,000 Ymir Coins
        image.png.76a962068b526b42eb8385c5e245b977.png 10 Gympass Boxes
                50,000 RoK Points
  • 2nd Runner Up (whole team)
        image.png.5ff9d81654af213371f4aa70b8e72c2a.png 3,000 Ymir Coins
        image.png.76a962068b526b42eb8385c5e245b977.png 5 Gympass Boxes
                30,000 RoK Points



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