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GM Vy Low

Costume Tomboy Fairy - Chained Quest

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     Costume Tomboy Fairy - Chained Quest

    Once, an enchanted elf went far from his hometown, lots of miles in search of gems from the Norman world, so that he would make himself turn into an advanced being in order to protect his race. With too much of the journey he has gone, he lost his way and ended up getting stuck in Midgard.

Lots of monsters attacked him in the fields where he ventured. His trip caused him to exhaust his resources in order to survive. He once sold his golden ears in the towns, which he is capable of growing back once cut off. Those ears are said to bring good luck to anyone who has taken a hold of it.

Townspeople quickly heard of this and started making their own steps to get another precious pair. However, their greed drove the being to grave danger, until the pursuit got him killed when they chased him into a dungeon where he met his demise. The townspeople cut the last of his ears shortly after he died, and then fought each other to death.

Little do the townspeople know... his soul would forever live wandering to protect his entire race, and any part of his physical body far from his grave shall awaken as a living memoir.

While adventurers highly covet the creature's ears, they will have to face the risk of encountering the wrath of the sacred elf, so they tried to seal away in different places the two pairs taken from him. Whoever happens to unearth them shall know that one time in their lives, the ears will either kill or protect its owner. Perhaps, a way for the owner to have the latter is to prove themselves worthy by helping protect the elven race, searching for those gems in behalf of the elf's wandering soul.


1. To Begin the Quest go to Prontera Field 05 (prt_fild05 353,252) and talk to Hisie. 



2. There will be 3 parts before you can do the Quest for the Costume Tomboy Fairy.

  • Part 1. You will need to craft Costume: Elven Ears to proceed to the next part. Here are the requirements needed.


  • Part 2. You will need to craft Costume: Mischievous Fairy to proceed to the Final Part. Here are the requirements needed.


  • Final Part to Craft Costume Tomboy Fairy you will need the following items.



Costume Tomboy Fairy



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