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GM Vy Low

changelogs 9-7-2020

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  • Added Experience Scroll Box and Autotrade Certificate to Donation NPC
  • Autotrade implemented ( Hourly Disabled when autotrade )
  • Added New Costume on our Donation NPC
  • Added Guild Package
  • Updated Beginner's Set
  • Donate Promotion For the month of September. (commands @topdonators)
  • Added Guardian on cmd_fild02 Entrance.

On Going Events

Upcoming Updates

  • Happy Hour modification
  • Free Reset Stats and Skill
  • New Streamer Program
  • Change Name Scroll
  • Daily Attendance
  • Gacha Box
  • Healing Potion Box Converter
  • Special Quest Item drops from MVP
  • Blue Herb on tool dealer
  • White Herb on Reward Shops
  • More to come. 
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