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Our official WoE is finally here and we made a mini event for 2-1 that will last for 4 consecutive WoE with point System.
Woe Schedule is Every Wed-Sat 9pm-11pm Server Time

  • July 8 and 11 - Geffen City
  • July 15 and 18 - Aldebaran City

Hot Castle with 2 points, other castle will only have 1 point

  • July 8 - Bergel
  • July 11 - Rephrion
  • July 15 - Hohen
  • July 18 - Wuerzberg



  • All Castle will have 100 Economy
  • Each castle will have a corresponding points. 
  • All Castle will have 1 point except for our Hot Agit.
  • Guild who occupies 2 or more castle will have 0 points as well as -1 point on their current points.
  • Top 4 Guild with the highest point will battle it out on July 19, 2020.
    It will be a best of 3 Match, 1vs4 and 2vs3 single elimination then best of 5 on our final round.
    A  time limit of 15 minutes per round.

Side Events

  • First Player to break the Emperium of Bergel and Hohen will receive 7179.png?nocache=351988624 1x Proof of Donation and 1x 13710.png?nocache=400945892 Gym Pass Box (only on the first woe for geffen and alde)
  • Last Player to break the Emperium of Bergel and Hohen will receive 7179.png?nocache=351988624 1x Proof of Donation and 1x 13710.png?nocache=400945892 Gym Pass Box  (only on the first woe for geffen and alde)
  • If a castle is only conquered 1 time and defended until the end of woe, the breaker will get both the first and last break prize. 

Server Champ Will receive

  • 1061.png?nocache=1360576039 20,000x Witched Starsand
  • 31007.png?nocache=1914117855 1000x Eir Box
  • 13710.png?nocache=400945892 20x Gym pass Box
  • 32010.png?nocache=1440339081 1000x Ymir Coins


Consolation Prize for the remaining 3 Guilds

  • 1061.png?nocache=1360576039 10,000x Witched Starsand
  • 31007.png?nocache=1914117855 500x Eir Box
  • 13710.png?nocache=400945892 10x Gym pass Box
  • 32010.png?nocache=1440339081 500x Ymir Coins



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