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Greetings Adventurers !!!

Ymir Coins is a special currency used in purchasing Rare Costumes as well as crafting a costume.

You can get Ymir coins by Donating (200 Ymir Coins per POD) or by Participating in Happy Hour Event (Top 5 contributor will receive 100 Ymir Coins Each).

'Ymir Coins is tradeable'. 

To use your Ymir Coins in purchasing a Costume, You need to convert it first into Ymir Points. To do this, just talk to the Ymir Manager (Prontera 171, 125), and convert your Coins to Points or vice versa.


*** If you wish to sell your Points, just simply talk to the Ymir Manager again and Exchange your Ymir Points to Ymir Coins***


Once you have enough Ymir Coins, you may check the Ymir Shop (Prontera 175, 125) and select from the options available.  (As of now only Low Tier is available).




To check your Ymir Points Balance, just type @reward 

***NOTE: The difference between Ymir Coins/Points***

Ymir Coins: Physical Coin / Tradable / In your Inventory / Will not appear on you balance when you check @reward or @vip

Ymir Points: This is the one that will show on your balance (when you check @reward and @vip), need to convert to Ymir Coins before trading.


We have 3 tiers of Rare Costumes, Low, Mid, and High Tier. As of now, only Low Tier Costumes are available.

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