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Greetings Adventurers,

Introducing Happy Hour feature in Sarah Server !!!

Adelaide (Prontera 163, 124) will require a certain amount of an item for the Happy Hour.



You may check the item required and number of required items remaining by selecting "- Check remaining items":



Everyone may farm and contribute to trigger the Happy Hour.



The happy hour will last for 6 hours (50% more Base Exp, Job Exp, and Drop rate). Once the happy hour has ended, Adelaide will ask for a new set of item.

The top 5 contributors will be announced and will receive 100 Ymir Coins and 1x Reward Coupon 1000.

The top 5 contributors may claim their rewards from Cynthia (Prontera 148, 125):




To check the status of the server Happy Hour, just type @happyhour 


***You may use the Ymir Coins to buy Costumes***

Happy Hunting.








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