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How to play Ragnarok Sarah Server using xpro

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Hi everyone!


Here's a step by step guide on how you can play Ragnarok Sarah Server using your mobile phone. 

Step 1: Kindly visit https://xpro.vykimo.com/. Use Google Chrome for Android Phones and Safari for iOS.



Step 2: Tap / Click the [XPRO] icon.



Step 3: Tap the 1301634597_...icon.PNG.6b3fdd6b7de77cd11090d864055968ed.PNG icon at your screen's upper right then choose "Add to Home Screen".



Step 4: Go to your Home Screen and open the application (xpro).



Step 5: Enter / Input "Sarah Server" for the Server Name.



Step 6: Login your account credentials:



Step 7: Create your character.

Note: It is advisable to create your character using the website (https://www.sarahserver.com) as we are still fixing the Character Creation window in our mobile application. 


But if you want to create your character using the mobile application, tap somewhere within the red box as shown at the image below to change your hairstyle for male characters and within the blue box for female characters.


Note: The colored boxes is not part of the application.






Enjoy playing!


Note for iOS: Not all devices are supported at the moment.





Things to NOTE: 

It will take some time for the application to load as it will download files from the web app server.


EXPECT some BUGS on the application since it is the initial release. Kindly send file a ticket / log for the bugs that you'll encounter so we can address it as soon as possible. 🙂


Known Issues:

  • Character creation
  • Vending price should be highlighted before clicking "OK" or else price will be vended to 0 (work around is to set the vend name last)
  • Character Sprite (GM Sprite and the Falcon sprite for the job Hunter)
  • Some skill effects are not shown (Grand Cross, Sanctuary)
  • Inverted Text
  • Critical hit/damage is not visible



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Here are the possible workaround to XPRO's common problems,

"Failed to Connect" or "Disconnected to Server"

  • We suggest you connect using Wi-Fi or faster internet connection instead of using LTE/4G/5G data connection.
  • One possible fix for this is by clearing the cache file, or by re-installing XPRO.

Black screen or stuck on loading screen

  • The XPRO is constantly downloading it's cache file as you play along the game. If you are experiencing this kinds of problem, you must let the game download the cache file that's why we suggest you use Wi-Fi when using XPRO rather than using LTE/4G/5G data connection.

Screen resolution error

  • Double tap the screen with two fingers and/or use two fingers sliding it in and out to adjust the camera angle.

If you happen to experience bugs or glitches, kindly report it to us so we can address it as soon as possible.

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