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GM Vy Low

Streamer Program

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How to Join?

-  Send us an application with your name, page name and proper links including a brief introduction about yourself along with your IGN(The IGN of the character you will be using to claim rewards). Send it to [email protected]

  • You must have a legitimate Facebook Account & Facebook Page where you can stream. No Troll accounts.
  • No minimum followers needed. All aspiring and current streamers are welcome. Grow your page & community with us!
  • Must share the link of your stream in the #streamer channel in RSS Discord (https://discord.gg/92fHzBn)


Daily Streamer Rewards:

-  If your stream lasted for at least 2hrs:

  • image.png.a47f0637616ca579fa3f7669b92149a2.png 5x Streamer's Giveaway Box (Must be given away)
  • image.png.0449d129223c8ae48b4bd8028c566d36.png 10x Ymir Coins
  • image.png.b63d1b19e940818400ce191e1abb7c68.png 2x Streamer's Megaphone
  • image.png.0e0d61fe48c0fb47c235c64676709933.png 5x Grape Juice Box
  • image.png.0e0d61fe48c0fb47c235c64676709933.png 5x Healing Potion Box


-  If your stream lasted for at least 4hrs:

  • image.png.df6e85876930c8b7d09b44d6ae4b9883.png 10x Streamer's Giveaway Box (Must be given away)
  • image.png.c1c77e8390844e4e427c99f88fd5fc61.png 20x Ymir Coins
  • image.png.00a6f8dc40b22d40a7df5a3d1ee65b5e.png 4x Streamer's Megaphone
  • image.png.0e0d61fe48c0fb47c235c64676709933.png 8x Grape Juice Box
  • image.png.0e0d61fe48c0fb47c235c64676709933.png 8x Healing Potion Box
  • image.png.8b2fbcb704dd915e5e32ae31dc2f99f6.png 2x Experience Scroll (Account Bound)


Weekly Streamer Rewards:

-  If you streamed for at least 2hrs a day, 4x within the same week

(Week starts at MONDAY & ends on SUNDAY. Rewards to be given every MONDAY)

  • image.png.7f1626b043e995942302ebb584640b51.png 2x Reward Coupon 1000
  • image.png.4ea84c935ec3b80e4fbb4dad88c73312.png 2x Kafra Box
  • image.png.f3858e5ebfbb9398adea9d8ebe293a5d.png 7x Streamer's Megaphone
  • image.png.559737c5e44ab42535303a5be9d0f57d.png 10x Event Eir Box 100
  • image.png.c1c77e8390844e4e427c99f88fd5fc61.png 100x Ymir Coins
  • image.png.0b14d202eecc0f6b30dd514a6b014fda.png Quest Item: Silvervine Fruit
  • image.png.8b2fbcb704dd915e5e32ae31dc2f99f6.png 5x Experience Scroll (Account Bound)
  • image.png.b3b64c71bf70714cf899675ebd48cd19.png 1x 7 days Event VIP (Account Bound)


Monthly Streamer Rewards:

-  If you streamed for at least 20 days within the same month.

(Rewards will be given at the 30th / 31st of the month)

  • image.png.7f1626b043e995942302ebb584640b51.png 5x Reward Coupon 1000
  • image.png.4ea84c935ec3b80e4fbb4dad88c73312.png 5x Kafra Box
  • image.png.f3858e5ebfbb9398adea9d8ebe293a5d.png 10x Megaphone
  • image.png.559737c5e44ab42535303a5be9d0f57d.png 100x Event Eir Box 100
  • image.png.c1c77e8390844e4e427c99f88fd5fc61.png 300x Ymir Coins
  • image.png.8b2fbcb704dd915e5e32ae31dc2f99f6.png 10x Experience Scroll (Account Bound)
  • image.png.b3b64c71bf70714cf899675ebd48cd19.png 1x 7 days Event VIP (Account Bound)
  • image.png.b3b64c71bf70714cf899675ebd48cd19.png 1x Proof of Donation


Reach Viewers Program - Be Sure to take a screen shot when you reach each Streamer Level and send it to [email protected]. You can only receive rewards once per level

Level 1: When you reach at least 50 Viewers

  • image.png.3dcff3443c3f9a9d06bbb490facf11c1.png Costume: Rainbow Poring Hat (Streamer Exclusive: Account Bound)
  • image.png.b3b64c71bf70714cf899675ebd48cd19.png 1x 7 Days VIP
  • image.png.c1c77e8390844e4e427c99f88fd5fc61.png 200x Ymir Coins
  • image.png.559737c5e44ab42535303a5be9d0f57d.png 100x Eir Box
  • image.png.0e0d61fe48c0fb47c235c64676709933.png 50x Grape Juice Box
  • image.png.0e0d61fe48c0fb47c235c64676709933.png 50x Healing Potion Box
  • image.png.7f1626b043e995942302ebb584640b51.png 5x Reward Coupon 1000

Level 2: When you reach at least 100 Viewers, you will receive:

  • image.png.77c7e0068f4f1aed8abaf78849da41f6.png Costume: Crimson Booster (Streamer Exclusive: Account Bound)
  • image.png.b3b64c71bf70714cf899675ebd48cd19.png 1x 14 Days VIP
  • image.png.c1c77e8390844e4e427c99f88fd5fc61.png 500x Ymir Coins
  • image.png.559737c5e44ab42535303a5be9d0f57d.png 200x Eir Box
  • image.png.0e0d61fe48c0fb47c235c64676709933.png 100x Grape Juice Box
  • image.png.0e0d61fe48c0fb47c235c64676709933.png 100x Healing Potion Box
  • image.png.7f1626b043e995942302ebb584640b51.png 10x Reward Coupon 1000
  • image.png.b3b64c71bf70714cf899675ebd48cd19.png 1x Proof of Donation

Level 3: When you reach at least 150 Viewers, you will receive:

  • image.png.53ff4acc6cd3ce7397254260024dba28.png Costume: Nekomimi Cyber Headphones (Streamer Exclusive: Account Bound)
  • image.png.b3b64c71bf70714cf899675ebd48cd19.png 1x 30 Days VIP
  • image.png.c1c77e8390844e4e427c99f88fd5fc61.png 1000x Ymir Coins
  • image.png.559737c5e44ab42535303a5be9d0f57d.png 300x Eir Box
  • image.png.0e0d61fe48c0fb47c235c64676709933.png 200x Grape Juice Box
  • image.png.0e0d61fe48c0fb47c235c64676709933.png 200x Healing Potion Box
  • image.png.7f1626b043e995942302ebb584640b51.png 15x  Reward Coupon 1000
  • image.png.b3b64c71bf70714cf899675ebd48cd19.png 3x Proof of Donation

Level 4: When you reach at least 200 Viewers, you will receive:

  • 31572 Costume: Mobile Pursuit System (Streamer Exclusive: Account Bound)
  • image.png.b3b64c71bf70714cf899675ebd48cd19.png 1x 30 Days VIP
  • image.png.c1c77e8390844e4e427c99f88fd5fc61.png 1500x Ymir Coins
  • image.png.559737c5e44ab42535303a5be9d0f57d.png 400x Eir Box
  • image.png.0e0d61fe48c0fb47c235c64676709933.png 300x Grape Juice Box
  • image.png.0e0d61fe48c0fb47c235c64676709933.png 300x Healing Potion Box
  • image.png.7f1626b043e995942302ebb584640b51.png10x Reward Coupon 1000
  • image.png.b3b64c71bf70714cf899675ebd48cd19.png 5x Proof of Donation


Streamer's Giveaway Box - Random items

  • image.png.559737c5e44ab42535303a5be9d0f57d.png 1x Eir Box 100
  • image.png.0e0d61fe48c0fb47c235c64676709933.png 1x Grape Juice Box
  • image.png.0e0d61fe48c0fb47c235c64676709933.png 1x Healing Potion Box
  • image.png.7f1626b043e995942302ebb584640b51.png 1x Reward Coupon 100
  • image.png.8b2fbcb704dd915e5e32ae31dc2f99f6.png 1x Experience Scroll
  • image.png.c1c77e8390844e4e427c99f88fd5fc61.png 5x Ymir Coin
  • image.png.b3b64c71bf70714cf899675ebd48cd19.png 1x Haeryongdo (1D VIP)
  • image.png.0b14d202eecc0f6b30dd514a6b014fda.png Quest Item: Silvervine Fruit
  • image.png.dbe092e95d1242dcb77e8cb4b7f3aa88.png Costume: Cyber Income
  • image.png.3e3734ed75794df30067fcced54869a4.png Costume: Pigeon on Shoulder

(More Items will be added soon)




Streaming Tips:

1.    Having A Camera & Microphone is a PLUS. It makes the viewers more interacted with you and vice-versa.

2.    Customize your alerts. Likes, Shares, Stars it’s a simple yet an effective way to acknowledge what your viewers do for you.

3.    Try to test everything before you go live. Your game sounds might be too loud, your camera might be blurry or you might’ve accidentally turned off your mic.

4.    Promote your streams. Try to spread it out there! Share it with your friends, with your guild, on your gaming groups and such.

5.    Try to maintain a schedule so your audience would know when they would tune in.

6.    Be confident! YES!

7.    Don’t mind the numbers and just have fun. Enjoy the moment!

Suggested Software for streaming:

  • OBS Studio
  • Streamlabs OBS
  • XSplit Broadcaster
  • XSplit Gamecaster



Streamers Overlay Downloads:




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