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How to Join?

  • You need to have an active Facebook account or Page. No Troll accounts.
  • No minimum followers needed. All aspiring and current streamers are welcome.
  • Create a thread here https://rssboards.net/forum/55-streamers-lounge/
  • Everyday you must comment your stream link on your Streamer's Tread for the GMs to validate your streams. This way you can get the next day Streamers Daily Supplies.
  • Must shared atleast 10 Ragnarok Groups or any active groups.
  • Must atleast stream 4 hours a Day and 5x a Week.


Daily Supplies for Streamer's followers or viewers
Must be rewarded to streamers audience before the end of the day.

  • 31001.png?nocache=1741742829 8x Streamer's Giveaway Box


Streamer's Giveaway Box - Random items

  • 31007.png?nocache=2038058250 1x Eir Box 100
  • 32013.png?nocache=2103071980 1x Grape Juice Box
  • 31002.png?nocache=233747182 1x Reward Coupon 100


Reach Viewers Program - Be Sure to take a screen shot when you reach each Streamers Level and send it to [email protected]

Level 1 - Streamers
Reach atleast 200 Viewers and Receive

  • 20319.png?nocache=1658054808 Costume: Crimson Booster ( account Bound. 1 Time Only)
  • 7179.png?nocache=989941643 1x 30 Days VIP (1 Time Only)
  • 31007.png?nocache=2038058250 100 Eir Box (1 Time Only)

Weekly Streamer's Incentives

  • 31002.png?nocache=233747182 2x 1k Reward Coupons
  • 12909.png?nocache=2112539148 2x Kafra Box
  • 7040.png?nocache=61834135 10x Streamers Megaphone
  • 32010.png?nocache=2106121335 100x Ymir
  • 7179.png?nocache=989941643 1x 7  days Event VIP Ticket (only if he/she completed the requirements for the whole week)



Every End of the Month Streamers will have a chance to win cash prize. ( This June )
Must not miss the weekly requirements for the whole 4 weeks to qualify.
At the end of the month we will List all the streamers who qualified and we will have a live raffle draw. 

First Prize: 3,000php
Second Prize: 2,000php
Third Prize: 1,000php


Suggested Software for streaming

  • OBS Studio
  • Streamlabs OBS

Note: Subjected to change that we see fit for our server.


Streamers Overlay Downloads

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