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GM Vy Low

Guidelines for Reporting a Player

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Hello everyone,

due to the frequent upcoming of reports that are not helpful for anyone we now provide a guideline on what reports should look like:

IGN(s): Offender1, Offender2, Offender3,...
Violation(s): Ill-mannered, Skill abuse,...

A explanation of what has happened with all important details.

Provide proof of the issue(s) you report the Player(s) for. Make sure that they are really meaningful.
For example if you report someone for skill abuse we need to actually see the whole process not just one screenshot.
To create a video you can use tools like: https://www.bandicam.com (Note: We do not take Ragnarok Replays)
If you want to provide a video but don't know how to provide it to us, the easiest way is to use https://streamable.com/ or a similiar service and add the link to your video in the report.

If you do not provide meaningful proof of or do not abide to this guidline your report will be ignored, so please make sure to write proper reports.
Please also note that reports get auto closed after there hasn't been activity for 3 days.

Thank you for your support in fighting ill behaviour in our community and have a nice day

The RSS Team

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