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GM Vy Low

Changelogs 03-06-2019

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devil scroll.jpg

Donate Promotion! This will also help boost our Garmenth League pool prize! For Every Pods you get 1 Devil Scrolls which Contains the Following

  • Advance Field Manual (20% Chance)
  • Field Manual (20% Chance)
  • Job Manual  (20% Chance)
  • Bubble Gum  (20% Chance)
  • Reward Coupon (15% Chance)  
  • Costume Fallen Angel Wing (10 percent Exp) (5% Chance)


Ymir Shop

  • Added Costume Blank Eyes


New Atcommand @dungeonwarp 

  • gl_prison (requires 20 Reward points)
  • gl_dun02 (requires 50 Reward points)


New Crafter NPC Yin and Yang

Here you can craft Costume Golden Angel Wing with 20% Chance
Requirements will be 1 Costume Arch Angel Wing or 1 Costume Fallen Angel wing along with other misc ingredients

 rss_gaw.png                           gaw_sample.png



rss_npc_yin.png rss_npc_yang.png


Costume Converter NPC(conversion chances varies from each Gears)

  • Now you can convert some of in game headgears to costume. Although not all are listed yet, but we will add them from time to time. (Note converting a headgear to costume doesnt have 100% success rate )






Amatsu Kunlun will be Released on the 3rd week of March!


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