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GM Vy Low

Restock System

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Enhance your skill and surpass your limit with our PvP Restock System! Free Supplies when you enter PvP!

Here are the Free usable items

  • 547.png?nocache=436429835 White Slim Potion
  • 505.png?nocache=1679021895 Blue Potion
  • 716.png?nocache=1299711635 Red Gemstone
  • 717.png?nocache=93738016 Blue Gemstone
  • 715.png?nocache=787731961 Yellow Gemstone
  • 7136.png?nocache=142277557 Acid Bottle
  • 7135.png?nocache=2138727139 Bottle Grenade
  • 7139.png?nocache=530734633 Glistening Bottle
  • 7138.png?nocache=646764296 Marine Sphere Bottle
  • 7137.png?nocache=736356476 Plant Bottle


  • @restock ( this is where you activate and set the items you need for pvp )
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