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GM Vy Low

Skill Modifications

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  • Trick Dead - Disable exp when active


Swordsman Class

  • Magnum Break - Casts on the target rather than the player. Only costs 15 SP instead of 30. Still an AoE skill.
  • Endure - Doesn't have any MDEF bonuses. Doesn't cancel after 7 hits.
  • Fatal Blow - Base level no longer increases stun chance. Stun chance is 6% per Bash level after 5. (30% stun chance for level 10 Bash)
  • Counter Attack - Counters an attack with an attack that has and additional HIT+20 and CRIT*2.
  • Bowling Bash - Two hits. Has gutterlines and a maximum knockback of 5 cells. Does 100% + 50%*level. (600% damage for level 10 Bowling Bash)
  • Defending Aura - 50% reduction in ASPD regardless of level.
  • Auto Guard - Attack delay of 0.3 seconds regardless of level.


Mage Class

  • Sight - Area of Effect is 9x9 cells.
  • Fireball - Damage is 95% base + 5%*level. (145% damage for level 10 Fireball)
  • Frost Nova - Requires a target to cast. Freezes all enemies around the targeted monster, but not the target itself.
  • Fire Pillar - Cannot be cast under target.
  • Quagmire - Has no limit on the number of quagmires placed.
  • Lord of Vermillion - Does not cause the blind effect.
  • Meteor Storm - Does not cause the stun effect.
  • Dispell - Requires 1 Red Gemstone and 1 Yellow Gemstone to use.


Archer Class

  • Arrow Shower - Requires a target and cannot be cast on the ground. Based on ASPD like Double Strafe. 
  • All Traps - Can be pushed, but due to Arrow Shower and Magnum Break requiring a target, this may prove slightly more difficult.
  • Sandman and Freezing Trap - Has a radius of 3x3.
  • Claymore - Has a radius of 5x5. More targets hit at once results in higher damage.
  • Ankle Snare - Only effect enemies in WoE and PvM.
  • Songs - Have an area of effect of 9x9 cells. Effects of songs linger for 3 seconds once the user steps outside. Walk speed is 1/4th of normal walk speed. 
  • Melody Strike / Throw Arrow - Damage is 125% + 25%*level. (250% damage for level 5 Melody Strike)


Merchant Class

  • Enlarge Weight Limit - Increases weight by 100 per skill level.
  • Weapon Perfection - Duration is 1/5th the amount of time for party members.
  • Power Thrust - Duration is 1/5th the amount of time for party members. Has a 1% chance to break the enemies Equipments and the users weapon.
    Players using Axe, Staffs and books are excluded from breaking their weapon when power thrust is active.
  • Adrenaline Rush - Duration is 1/5th the amount of time for party members.
  • Hilt Binding - Removes chance of dropping weapon. Does not have any other bonuses.
  • Skin Tempering - Only reduces damage from fire property attacks at 5% per level. (25% resistance at level 5 Skin Tempering)
  • Acid Terror - Does not cause bleeding status.
  • Marine Sphere - Summoned Marine Sphere have their normal HP when summoned.
  • Summon Flora - Summoned Flora monsters can be damaged outside of PvP/WoE. Players can summon multiple types at one time.
  • Increased based damage attack

Thief Class

  • Steal - Has a base chance of 10% + 3% every skill level. (40% base chance at level 10 Steal)
  • Double Attack - No HIT bonus.
  • Improve Dodge - Gives +3 flee per level regardless of Rogue or Assassin class. (+30 flee for level 10 Improve Dodge)
  • Throw Stone - Flat 30 damage. 5% chance to stun.
  • Sprinkle Sand - 125% damage. 15% chance to blind.
  • Grimtooth - Forced Neutral. 100% damage at all levels. Decreases movement speed of targets (less scattering). Affected by arrows.
  • Venom Splasher - No HP requirement to cast. Damage is [(200% + 20%*level) + (20%*Poison React Level)]. (600% damage with both skills maxed)
  • Poison React - Only does damage when attacked by mobs of the poison element. Requires 18 SP at max level. (400% damage for level 10 Poison React)
  • Backstab - Does not force the target to turn around. No damage penalty for using a bow though it is still melee distance.
  • Increased based damage attack


Acolyte Class

  • Ruwach - Area of Effect is 7x7 cells.
  • Decrease AGI - Has a base success rate of 53% + 3%*Skill Level.
  • Signum Crucis - Has a maximum of -30% Def and 45% chance of success.
  • Demon Bane - Increases ATK against undead and demon monsters by 3*level instead of using the user's base level.
  • Divine Protection - Increases VIT DEF against undead and demon monsters by 3*level instead of using the user's base level.
  • B.S. Sacramenti - Area of Effect is screen-wide.
  • Absorb Spirits - Can only be used on other players, not monsters.
  • Snap - Requires 1 sphere regardless of fury state. Only requires 10 SP to use. Disabled the use of skill when under ankle snare.
  • Heart 1

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