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Strider Hiryuu

rebirth system
changelogs 5-2-2017



Ragnarok Sarah Server is pleased to announce the release of our very own Rebirth System. Players can now experience a new look and feel with our transcendent sprite after rebirthing. With the new additional aura after rebirthing  for the 1st and 6th times, Players can now enjoy their new aura and let players know that they have reach beyond their limitations. Wether it may be PVM or PVP, player can now enjoy a little boost with the additional of 1% HP/SP every time you rebirth and feel that you can take any challenges that comes along, Doing Boss hunting or PvP, you will be confidence enough to take all these challenges with a little ease with the help of these additional boost. We also have rebirth coins wherein you can exchange these to some future headgears and costume when our Rebirth shop is implemented. Rebirth class can also access our future instances that will be implemented into our server.


Enjoy 5x5x3x EXP for the whole month of May. Server will be up on or Before 10pm Server time


  • Butterfly wing has a 10 seconds delay when attacking or when hit in pvp rooms. Only works in pvp room


  • Enabled Trick dead back but will only works to novice level 60 and below


  • Removed Easter Egg hunt event


Embla Box

  • Added Gym pass with 15 percent chance rate
  • Costume: Black Devil's Mask ( for the month of May)


  • Disable @NPC_EMOTION chase and idle to furseal, magma and majo mobs

Mobile users please update your apps through google store or follow the link below


Full updates will be posted on or before server is open to the public

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