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Do As Infinity

[Forum] Like and Share Event Version 7

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Event Mechanics
  • Every participant should like our Facebook Page.
  • Every participant should like and share the link from our Facebook page. [Click me for the link
  • Every participant should set their post to public so we could verify your entry.
  • Every participant should tag three (3) of their friends to the post with the hashtag #ILoveRSS with your in-game name.
  • After doing those things on Facebook, you have to reply to this thread with your IGN and Facebook LINK check the sample below.
  • No multiple entries. Dummy Facebook accounts will not be entertained and will lead to disqualification.
  • Failure to comply with these requirements will be considered as an invalid entry.
  • Winner of Costume will be drawn using random name picker online


Reply with the following format

IGN: Do As Infinity
Guild Name(Optional):
Facebook LINK: www.facebook.com/doasinfinity2017
Note: If you don't want your FB account to be exposed, you could PM me here for privacy.
Reward: 3 Poring Coins + 1 Embla's Box
There will be 1 lucky winner of Costume: Flaming Haoshoku.

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