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Strider Hiryuu

changelogs 4-19-2017



  • Reset Castle Ownership

WoE Castle ( wed 9-11pm ) ( Sat 11pm-1am)

  • Sacred Altar
  • Hohenschwangau


  • Fixed Fatal Blow Stun success rate


Poring Coin Exchanger




RO Mobile updates

Notes: Please update your RO Mobile APP through google play and search Sarah Server

  • Fixed crash when updating skill hotkeys with no hom/mer
  • Fixed not updating skill hotkeys on certain events
  • Fixed some resource reading crashes
  • Fixed "timeout while downloading XXX" error for new users
  • Added auto-login functionality to automatically login user with the last account if "save user" and "save password" checkbox are enabled
  • Missing body/head palettes will now default to color 0 instead of crashing
  • Other stability improvements
  • Units with missing sprites will now load as porings instead of crashing app
  • Can now further increase hotkeys size
  • Fixed skill damage not displayed sometimes
  • Fixed Body Relocation not moving character visually
  • Fixed skill hotkeys not working after relogin
  • Fixed equipment hotkeys not being updated after unequipping item
  • Disabled autoselecting monsters to prevent hotclickers
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