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Do As Infinity

Super Novice

Super Novice class will be released on April.




  • Features
    • Added a skill for the class named 'Super Novice Mission'.
    • Added Super Novice Mission Rank. To view the list, use the @novice command.
    • The Super Novice Ranker players will have an additional stat and HP/SP bonus.
      • Top 3 Ranker will receive All Stats + 10 and 20% Maximum HP/SP.
      • The remaining Ranker will receive All Stats + 5 and 10% Maximum HP/SP.


  • Modifications
    • Modified the Super Novice chant's experience checking.
    • When the class reached the max level, the player can use the @pray command to perform the Super Novice chant.
    • Removed the experience checking for the 'Steel Body' trigger for the class.
    • Removed the once upon login checking for the 'Steel Body' trigger.


  • Super Novice Chant
    • After chanting these three lines, you must chat anything to activate the prayer.


Dear angel, can you hear my voice?

I am "Character Name" Super Novice~
Help me out~ Please~ T_T
Will be updated without prior notice

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