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Found 2 results

  1. Swordsman Job Quest You must be Novice Job level 10 to start the quest. Go inside the building located at the West part of Izlude. Talk to Swordman to sign up for the quest. Talk to another Swordman (at the left side of the screen) to enter the next room. Talk to the Test Hall Staff to move to the quest room. You must complete the obstacle course within 7 minutes to pass the test. There are three parts in this test. Just walk until you reach the end of the path and be careful not to fall at the edges. If you fall, just look for the portal, it will warp you back and need to start over. Once you completed the task, talk to the Swordman (the first Swordman where you registered for the quest) and he will turn you into a Swordsman.
  2. Archer Job Quest You must be Novice Job level 10 to start the quest. Go to Archer Village and head to the house located at North East of the map. (1 Map North from Payon) Go inside and talk to Archer Guildsman. She will ask you to collect trunks from Willows. There are 4 types of trunks and have different points each. You need to collect at least 25 points to pass: INGREDIENT/s: PRODUCT/s Fine Grained Trunk 5 Points Solki Trunk 3 Points Barren Trunk 2 Points Trunks 1 Point Once you have enough Trunk/s with total of 25 points or more, report back to Archer Guildsman to change your job.
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