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Found 35 results

  1. leave price and in game name here
  2. Budget Price Please My Wishlist: +7 Saint's Robe of Ares = Offer Hiding Glove = Nimble Glove + zeny My Shop click here Done Deals I accidentally erased and save my previous done deals Ticket# 2880
  3. as the title says...
  4. leave in game name and offers here.
  5. badly needed. leave in game name here.
  6. leave price and in game name.
  7. leave affordable price and in-game-name
  8. also Selling: +7 Unfrozen Full Plate +7 Cranial Shield +7 Very Very Strong Ranked (Top 2) Wind Claymore +7 Katar of Piercing Wind +7 Silk Robe [1] leave offers and in game name here.
  9. leave offers and in game name, also buying or trading +7 Cranial Mirror Shield
  10. leave in-game-name here
  11. Needs for now: +7 Shoes[1] - 2.8m Immune Muff - 2.4m Thara Frog Card - 3m Clever Clip (2pcs) - 700k ea. Clip of Flash - 2.5m AoA - 700k Earrings (2pcs) - 500k PM if deal
  12. leave price and in-game-name
  13. Buying the following items: Moonlight Dagger +0/4 Thief Clothes [1] or Extra Thief Clothes (or just Picky Card or Thief Clothes [1]) +0/4 Shoes or Boots of Witch (or just Eggrya Card) +4/0 Excellent Buckler/Guard (or just Andre Egg Card) +4/0 Rigid Buckler/Guard (or just Thief Bug Egg Card) Message me here and try to pm Auda, Nabu, and/or Austeja Thanks!
  14. leave price and in-game-name
  15. low-end stuffs with bathory card up
  16. B> +7 mirror Shield[1] or +7 Cranial Mirror Shield B> +10 Double Bloody Double Boned Pike. B> +7 Bone Helm PM me
  17. B> drainliar card 220k ea. need 2 pcs ign: steakstabber (merchant) Up Up
  18. Buying your Whisper Card for 2.5M, my final price. PM Velmund in-game or message me here at forums. Thanks!
  19. Hi I'm Buying Poison Spore Card. please PM me.... IGN: Amiboshi
  20. B>+10Arbalest[1] B>+7Tights[1] B>+7Muffler[1] B>+7Boots[1] Leave Offer and In Game Name here.
  21. leave offers and ign B>CRANIAL MIRROR SHIELD
  22. B>Bloody Axe cheapest offer please
  23. Welcome! This thread will be regularly updated. Kindly reply to this thread or send me a message here at the forums or in-game (IGN is on my signature) for your transactions. Thank you. SELLING: Wolf Card - 550k Sohee Card - 280k Kitty Band = 350k BUYING: +0 Mocking Muffler = ? Transaction History
  24. B>+7Cranial Guard / +7 Guard[1] COMMENT YOUR OFFER