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  1. zZDevilAngelZz

    Login Code Bugged

    oh sorry i didnt notice that hehe xd, btw do we really have to use new login code every single time login on website ?
  2. zZDevilAngelZz

    Login Code Bugged

    i did logout and login again but i still cant delete my char it say i entered an incorrect email address
  3. zZDevilAngelZz

    Login Code Bugged

    tks admin i can login now but still cant delete char
  4. zZDevilAngelZz

    Login Code Bugged

    Hi admin, my account have been created and i can play in the game but there is some issue when login on the main website. It require the login code that i have received in my email but the code doesnt work, i have try to resend new code afew time but the code still not working. Now i cant delete my character because it need email address and im pretty sure it because my account are still not verify on the main website. Please help me admin.
  5. zZDevilAngelZz

    Forum Event - Like and Share

    In Game Name: FinnDaHooman https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013963141396