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  1. Zashiki

    Increase card rate from .01 to .02

    +1 no reason for long term discussion
  2. Zashiki

    Expanding the range of leveling spot

    gef_dun01 Jakk (Instant spawn)
  3. Zashiki

    5% Exp Death Penalty

    maybe reducing death penalty wont hurt the server
  4. Zashiki

    Expanding the range of leveling spot

    Im suggesting to increase the number of stalactic golem of this dungeon and total removal of arclouse and changing it to ambernite. increasing leveling spot will definitely increase the people who seeks parties and the community will be more active than usual since old dungeon adding a new twist is good for the eyes of new/old players
  5. Zashiki

    Forum Event - Like and Share

    IN GAME NAME: Zashiki https://www.facebook.com/kooki.zash