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  1. YoungDread

    Log in issues (RSS.com)

    i log in, they gave me the code and i open it get the code and keeps on telling me that i didn't register my email which i already did. You attempt to login as YoungDread. Not you? Login here To continue login, enter 6-digit code we sent to your e-mail Check your E-mail for latest 6-digit code we sent. Login Code The 6 digit code says i need to verify my email and when i retry to validate my email (which i already did thats why im able to play the game) they said RSS Restart: Two Factor Authentication Hello YoungDread! Please use the code below to verify ownership of your account. Account: YoungDread Login Code: ****** Note: This is an automated e-mail, please do not reply to this address. then i get this v v v v v v Your account is pending e-mail confirmation. Login Code when i try to re enter the confirmation i get this. The 6 pin code is really irritating now i cant make vote and neither donate to have vip RESEND CONFIRMATION E-MAIL Failed to resend confirmation code. Please enter your account name and e-mail address you used during the registration of the account to have us resend your confirmation e-mail. Account Username This is the account name you registered. E-mail Address This is the e-mail address you used during the registration of the above account. th
  2. YoungDread

    Gepard Shield updated issues

    Waited for several hours, no changes since then
  3. YoungDread

    Gepard Shield updated issues

    I cant enter the game. Gepard keeps on blocking me and saying that i need to update the shield. BUT I DONT KNOW HOW.