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  1. xernii

    Stat guide help for Monk

    hmmm. it follows old rules since RetroClassic is just classic mechanics with a few changes; e.g. weapon damage on refine. so... dex = for less cast time int = for better sp pool, NO effect on cast time str = for atk possible change here would be the weapon of choice. I ain't a monk user, so I'm not too sure. But... as far as I know, that's it. do note that body relocation always uses up 1 spirit sphere even when you're on fury state.
  2. xernii

    RSS Weekend Scavenger Hunt

    The idea of this event is "server effort". This event is asking us "What can you do for the server?" This is something like a shower event where the rewards are determined by the server's collective effort. As for me, I hunt coins to help reach the 160k goal so that everyone who participated could get all the rewards. I'd like to get those items badly as well, but I'm not picking those poring coins up just for myself; I am doing it to help the server. When you say "it's not fair cause I'm putting in an effort and they are not", it just shows that you only care about your own gain. You can stop at 100 coins for all I care, but as for me, I'd just continue what I'm doing cause I want to help. I have some friends who stopped playing for a while, but since I know their accounts, I'm gonna hunt a hundred coins for them so that they'd have something to return to--- and some good reason to play again. Let's do this, y'all!
  3. xernii

    Forum Event - Selfie While Playing RSS

    IGN: xerniii
  4. xernii

    Raydric card on monster auto/normal attacks

    @Winterfox @GM Vy Low *bumps*
  5. Part 1, initial position Part 2, on skill cast Part 3, after skill cast Part 4, After refreshing position via @refresh This might seem minor, but some skills depend on character facing; e.g. backslide.
  6. I have a pvm wiz, with just 1 vit. So... the vit defense min~max is equal What I used: +5 immune Muffler +4 ragamuffin manteau + opera masque (this is used to try and get them to have equal defense, this combo has 0.33 def more than +5 immune muff) Tested on Monsters Dokebi & Bigfoot: Dokebi +5 immune muffler, damage received 150 ~ 180 mammonite almost 700 +4 ragamuff + opera masque, damage received 149 ~ 180 mammonite 500+ Bigfoot +5 immune muffler, damage received 146~155 +4 raga + opera, damage received 145~155 ------------------- Conclusion: Monster's normal attacks are not of neutral property, maybe this is what they call non-elemental attack where they would deal 100% damage even to ghost property armor. Skills, though, have elements, so for mammonite, the element used by dokebi is neutral, that's why it gets reduced by a noticeable amount. side note: sampled monsters don't have any sort of weapon endow skill.
  7. xernii

    Reason behind your IGN

    because it's cute. * w * it's my real nickname.
  8. xernii

    Arrow Crafting nerf?

    I believe that that was what we got from materials via arrow crafting in the early days/years of RO.
  9. xernii

    Xernii's guide to leveling~

    First of all, let me introduce myself. I am xernii, and I love playing as a wizard. I was a player of rssv1 and I'm back for more fun! As of now, I'm a level 94 wizard; not yet that high 'cause I'm lazy af. I'm making this guide to help those who are new to the game and those who have difficulty in grinding for experience in this low rate server. Imma just share what I know. So it begins! When we're talking about leveling, we're talking about gaining EXPERIENCE (also referred to as EXP). Experience Experience is divided into two categories Base experience Job experience Base Experience is required to increase your base levels. Everytime you get a base level up, you get fully healed(both hp and sp), your maximum hp and sp increases, and you gain status points to upgrade your stats. The maximum base level in this server is 99. The required base experience to level up has been changed here in rssrestart. You can find it here: rssrestart's base experience table Job Experience is required to increase your job levels. There's a job level requirement for changing jobs; level 10 for novice to change into first jobs, while level 40~50 for 1st jobs to change into 2nd jobs. Everytime you get a job level up, you gain 1 skill point. Skill points are used to upgrade your skills; which is why most people choose to change to 2nd job after getting job 50 on their first job. Everytime you change jobs, your job level resets to 1. The maximum job level for novice, 1st job, and 2nd job, is 10, 50, and 50 respectively, for a maximum total of 107 skill points. The required job exp to job level up is different for first and second jobs. Check them here: 1st job & 2nd job Monsters give different amounts of base and job experience Some monsters give high amounts of base exp but gives very low job exp. Let's take wolves, for example. Wolves give 329 base experience but only gives 32 job experience. Killing wolves is a good way to increase your base levels early in game, but your job level would lag behind. Experience is gained by killing monsters or completing *quests. Experience gained when killing monsters is proportional to your share of damage to the monster. If you're soloing a monster, then you would get all the experience from it. However, If you're hitting the same monster with another player, whoever deals more damage to the monster would get more of the experience. Let's take for example a monster with 1000hp. If you deal 750 total damage to it and another player deals 250 damage, you'd get 75% of the total exp while the other would only get 25%. ---of course, overkilling a monster will NOT give you more exp. Party Experience sharing In a party with even-share experience distribution, experience is split equally among the members of the party where... exp gained per member = (expToBeShared / NumberOfMembersInTheSameMap) + 1 For those party people who use the @showexp command, you might ask "why do we get different amounts of exp when we're killing the same monster, then?" Well, this is actually the point that this guide wants to emphasize; and that'd be the next topic! *will update regarding quests that give significant exp once they're available in the server EXPERIENCE "TAP" This is a feature that most players are not aware, and not making use of. The more players that participate in killing the same monster, the more the experience the monster will give. Participation includes attacking/damaging the monster, or getting hit by the monster's normal attack; take note: healing or buffing your allies doesn't count as participation. For each additional player that participates in subduing the monster, the exp to be shared increases by 25% (capped at 580%). This method of increasing the exp gained from a monster is what most call Exp Tapping. So... what do we do with this knowledge? Well... If you're an acolyte, instead of just watching your archers/mages kill them zombie prisoners, try heal bombing it with level 1 Heal. You'll notice a significant increase in the exp you gain without wasting too much sp. If you're an archer/hunter, when there's a stack of mobs lured for your party, arrow shower it at least once; but of course, don't be an idiot that arrowshowers mobs away from sight/aoe of skills. There are also some skills such as lex aeterna and provoke that deal no damage but does trigger exp tap. I can't recall other non-damage skills that could trigger exp tap, so feel free to post a comment if you know of one. (like decrease agi, maybe?) When boosting a friend with a priest, be sure to use lex aeterna at least once per mob to squeeze more exp out of them * w * ( I actually prefer going solo cause people don't believe me when I tell them about this feature, or maybe they just don't bother to even analyze it. Despite the flood of exp we get in a party, the amount we get is just stupidly low. Font set to very small cause this be just me ranting. I actually solo-ed level 91~92 in less than 2 hours, with VIP but without field manual or exp costumes.) VIP, Field Manuals, Exp Costumes VIP just adds 50% on top of the current rates. So if the current exp rate is set to 300%, then with VIP you'll get 350% instead. Manuals and Exp Costumes are both multipliers. I'm not sure how they interact (or how they stack) with each other, though, I'm saving up my FMs so I'm not sure. I need input from the readers for this. Party Bonus EXP One of the features of this server is the Party Share Bonus Exp. With a party of at least 5 online members on the same map, you get a bonus of 4% exp per member. This bonus only works when the party is on even-share exp distribution. well, that's about all of it. If I remember anything more, I'll just add it here. If you have something you'd like me to add, please reply to this post ---------------------------------------------------------------- Leveling is supposed to be taken slow so you could enjoy the experience. You won't be enjoying it as much as you should if you just rush through the levels; that's just gaining experience without actually experiencing it . BUT for those who want to be 2nd job as fast as possible, I'll just add a simple guide on where and how to grind the needed experience to get you to 2nd job as fast and easy as possible. Of course, there are much faster methods, but they're up to you to find out! You can share your methods here if you want to. For Mages, Archers, Acolytes Right after changing jobs, get job levels from whatever you can think of. Poring, chonchon, thiefbugs, whatever, then rush to payon cave 1. Heal bomb, soul strike, firebolt, double strafe. Equip your rok on hats, and spam those novice potions. You can go to payon cave 2 after gaining enough levels. When you're finally dealing enough damage to undead, rush to GH Churchyard, party up and get to job 50! Don't forget to use the exp tap you learned earlier. It's easy. For Thieves, Swordies, and Merchies It's a bit trickier to level these characters cause you need a decent weapon and lots of potions; however, worry not! We can do dhis! What you'll need to focus on at first would be getting base levels as your skills at this point are not as strong as the other 3 previous classes. Upon changing jobs, get to culverts asap. Monsters there have low hp, and are easy to kill. Grind some levels until you're strong enough to kill mukas or wolves. Those monsters are easy to kill and they give a lot of base experience. You can easily get to base level 45 just by killing those. When your level is high enough, go to GH churchyard and party up. Offer to lure mobs for the party and get to job 50! It's not as easy, but it's do-able. Thieves can use throw stone for exp tap and getting the monsters to chase them. Swordies and Merchies can use magnum break / cart revolution for exp tap, but it's kinda tricky to do it. I'll leave it to you to find out how to properly use those skills. (Provoke doesn't work on undead) (Mukas are at 1 map north and 1 map east of morroc. Wolves are at 2 maps south of payon.) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Don't forget to tap them monsters for experience when you're partying! Have fun levelling, guys! Enjoy the game. No pressure Yours truly, xernii current IGN: xerniii *some of the contents are from/based on/comfirmed though: irowiki.org/classic.
  10. xernii

    Ranked elemental weapons

    Now that's way better. Hurray for free VVS crafting! Though, what are the conditions for gaining points? I know you get points when you get a crafted weapon to +10, but I also heard you get points when you successfully forge level 3 VVS Elemental Weapons; however, I don't know the specific conditions for gaining points. Would you be so kind as to enlighten me? does it need to be elemental? does it need to be a level 3 weapon? P.S. better edit your post and include a link (like ratemyserver) for the recipes. That way people won't bug you like "So, what materials do I need to bring you for a *name of weapon here*?"
  11. xernii

    Overthrust skill

    I would like to suggest removing the chance of breaking own weapon with this skill; at least for PVM. You already reduced the duration, anyway, so I don't think people would abuse this skill for pvm. You can even lower the damage increase for allies if need be. As of the moment, people only see it as a nuisance skill. We had moments when we were in seals and majoruros maps, and a smith accidentally used overthrust. Some hunters broke their weapons and had to get back to payon, then warp to another town just to get their weapons repaired. (cause we don't have a repair NPC at payon, as far as we know.) ----- related topic: repair NPC for payon: https://rssboards.net/suggestions/repair-npc-r18/
  12. xernii

    Repair NPC

    I would like to suggest adding a repair NPC at payon. As of the moment, without a doubt, old payon is rss restart's main city. I think adding a repair NPC in town or inside the building with the refine NPC would be beneficial for all. This was something we wished for ever since rssv1.
  13. xernii

    Lower flywing weight to 1

    Imagine items like manacles which are supposedly made of steel but has weight of 1 then imagine flywings, the wings of flies, they have a weight of... 5! whuuuut? Well, that kind of logic aside, I think turning down the weight of flywings could help people; especially low str ones. Them flywings are soooooo heavy. Imagine trying to go to majorous map with only 70 flywings. Yeah, you can actually reach it with that much, but there are times when your luck just sucks that you use up all of them in the anolians area alone. We do need space for pots as well; but when the wings of flies are as heavy as our pots, we get overweight reaaaal fast. I think lowering the weight of the said items to 1~3 would benefit a lot of people, especially farmers. ------------ What are your thoughts?