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  1. Hallo, richtig, ich komme aus Deutschland. Das bedeutet, dass wir vom Inhalt her voranschreiten bis zu dem Punkt wo das Rebirth System implementiert wird und dort verbleiben. Classic bedeutet in diesem Sinne alle Inhalte vor Rebirth.
  2. Hey, ich weiß dass es zumindest früher mindestens einen gab der Deutschsprachig ist. Leider kann ich dir nicht sagen ob er noch hier spielt.
  3. Characters can only be deleted via the Control Panel.
  4. We will raise the EXP and Drop rate from 1.5 to 2. We will add Bubble Gum and Field Manual, they will be restricted to your account and you will be able to buy only 2 each per day. We will add a grace period before the reset of your reward bonus, in case there is a disconnect. Normal card drop rate will be raised to 0.02 to make it accordingly to the old RSS. Shake effect will be removed. Might be updated or changed this is not final but the current stance on things.
  5. Hello, did you try the solution from here?:
  6. Winterfox

    All Rights Reverse

    The toxicity was way too high in this topic, so i cleaned it. It is fine to discuss things but keep it on a normal level please.
  7. The server is currently in maintenance to prepare the reopening after OBT and will open in about 12-16 hours from now.
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