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  1. WebbGabriel

    Majos spawning.

    It's kinda hard to lure now because it is very spread out. I can only lure few majos now. Few lure = few exp. kinda hard to grind now. envious of the people who got to 99 first before the reboot. so i feel lazy to play/grind nowadays. Easier to lure many majos before the reboot. I can see the difference because i'm always there leveling my character. just saying what i'm experiencing. not a rant.
  2. WebbGabriel

    Majos spawning.

    I feel that the majos spawning are lesser after the reboot that occurred yesterday. Kindly check on this matter.
  3. WebbGabriel


    B>Infiltrator ( BOUGHT ALREADY) B>Bapho Jr card B>Picky Card B>Crystal Pumps B>Angel Wing or Ghost Bandana B>Yoyo Pet or Tropical Banana Leave Price. Please don't overprice. You can pm me in Game IGN: Always Styling
  4. WebbGabriel

    Forum Event - Selfie While Playing RSS

    IGN : Always Styling
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