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  1. Waffle

    Holy Grail

    the sun will shine on us again
  2. Waffle

    Holy Grail

  3. Waffle

    Kafra pass / Gym pass

    I see your point sir, but on RSS v1 we used to have Kafra pass on the server. The catch is you can't use it inside the Castle(agit) lol. So i'm wondering if we could get back to this meta again. I truly respect whats your opinion about this thing. Thanks sir @Gatsu hihi
  4. Waffle

    Kafra pass / Gym pass

    Hi, just wanna suggest Kafra pass on reward points and Gym Pass on Cash (Rok Points) tho. Please don't bash me this is just a suggestion. thank you!
  5. Waffle

    Holy Grail

    idk what you're talkin bout' bruh
  6. Waffle

    Holy Grail

    wuz goood fellas!?
  7. Waffle

    RSS Trick or Treat Event

    1 try only. im sooo lucky!
  8. Waffle

    Holy Grail

    HG - Holy Grail Is a non profit, non toxic gaming community that started its roots from Ragnarok online private servers. We are a collective of players from different guilds that have developed camaraderie and teamwork which garnered us a respectable reputation in Guild vs Guild and Castle defense. We have grown in numbers branching into other games such as World of Warcraft, Mobile Legends, Dragon Nest Mobile and Dota2. We are hoping to gain like-minded members in this server to bolster our current roster. We are Recruiting! please apply @ www.hg-guild.com and follow simple instructions on how to apply. Thank you RSS! Lets make it a healthy non-toxic gaming community! SAVE POINT: Right Geffen
  9. Waffle

    not even trying

    are u guys playing? welcome tho