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  1. VilesX

    Would like to suggest things

    @GM Vy Low 1. As for PvP and WoE you can distribute them freely or with something in exchange for it. But with the limitation that the supplies would only be usable at woe castle map and in Pvp Room. But, Id like you to know that some class that would rely on normal attack to deal damage would be render useless(except for emp breaker) in woe since there is an unlimited/abundant woe supplies so if you deal less damage players would just use pots to recover your damage hence skill type class that would deal more damage would me more effective than auto attack build due to the supplies of SP pots: With out WoE supplies given to guilds by chest or etc. Class like auto blitzer, dual-dagger, agi BS, crit BS, crit knight, agi knight would be preferable for guilds that has less supplies since even they deal less damage then other guild wouldn't have the luxury off spamming potion, also no matter how big the guild is blue herb has definite re spawn time also other guilds will farm it so sp pot will be. just like in PRO way back 2004. We WoE with just 500-2k blue pots in our guild it didn't stop us from getting castle. Any ways since it has been all ready decided. At least make it only usable on WoE or PvP maps. 2. In Revo classic R0PH even with the renewal exp table leveling was that hard thanks to ESB play with Assassin on CBT got to reach level 70 by playing 6-9 hrs a day, some reach 90+.. heard some was able to reach 99 didn't saw them. leveling was not that hard event with the huge EXP requirement while the exp of the mobs given were based on classic and the monster stats was base on renewal. leveling at training grounds till job 10. then change job to thief leveled at alberta at spore roda etc. then spore, poison spore snake. then wolf till level 40 on my first day, moved to lutie cookie and Xmass cookie till job 40 then myst case and cruiser till job change. then after job change on my seconday rest. then 3-to last day of CBT lutie till 70. that was thanks to free white pots from ESB. while classes like hunter, knight, wiz, BS Cart revo, etc. reach 90+ on CBT. if we have Blue potion or sp pots that can be obtain freely/easily by rewards leveling would also be just as fast as it was in PHRO Revo classic. PhRO was flooded by players when it went OBT it was nice to play since you can party with other players but what I notice in the party it was that noone was chatting and they were all busy. A Few days later I still got plenty to level with but decided to create new char But I have notice the reduce of no. of player in some map some was in my party few days ago said he stopped playing few days ago due to work but seems less people was in his level range still I partied with him added friend few days later he was behind already and having hard time to find party and he said he saw people selling good stuff already and he felt left behind and said he decided to quit. Point is at opening we all start same level but those who stopped for a few days due to some reason are left behind by huge margin making them unwanting to play again as you have noticed ROph pop drop every month, if we can slow down the leveling even some players rest for days they will stil be within the margin of other players. without SP pots for leveling we can slow down the leveling and the progression of players so those who rest can still find party to play with also we can have time to vend since we will not feel left behind by others. also are discounted pots are needed by players since there is no free potion. 3. r.elu/r.ori(non-trade able as as reward would be better since upgrading chances are lower) to even out the adjustments you made.
  2. VilesX

    Skill Changes

    Seems like you played RO during the recent changes made for trans class balancing. Those were the original skills when RO was commercially release. Some of the changes they made are for the better balancing. Like Venom Splasher Original skill has 2/3 HP requirement before it can be cast on mobs also needed to be in poisoned status if I remembered correctly etc.
  3. VilesX

    Would like to suggest things

    @GM Vy Low How about the free SP pots (grape juice) and free pots from reward shop the one you exchange your points for being online. It makes leveling and farming easier but their are downside of it. Players will farm gears at early phase of the game like using hunter since SP pots is easily obtain you can either buy from players or from your points how ever once they able to farm gear from mvp or cards from mob they will sell it thru RMT(real money trading) since in the early phase of the game stuff are expensive and some people want to get gear as soon as possible specially if it would help them level fast thus they do RMT. I there wont be any free SP pots then farming such would take time. hence RMT would take a quite setback. Because most people I know only want to earn money from playing RO these days. Some even spend Real cash at start just to give them a head boost in farming like i PHRO. I knew few people bought Bot(for 25k) just to farm zeny and gears and do RMT. To some it up Free SP pots = easy level = easy farm = easy RMT As I stated above there are a lot of downside of it will kill the old school feel of slow leveling with party and guildmates, character builds would be more reliant Skill since there is free SP pots does, no low level Pvp, archer class KS, solo leveling. Things I find classic fun are: Being able to play was more fun than leveling my character(chatting to random people) Low Level Pvp, you see someone and just randomly provoke them just to have someone to Pvp Chatting in party while waiting for sp to recover. Vending supplies like whites, flies etc. while sleeping or going to school. Winning/ being able to take castle with just few supplies. Pvp wherein a simple poison could help you win the battle. Pvp where you can still beat if they run out of sp. walking to the forest rather than using kafra tele to save zeny. Please no free recovery potions. Let the game be classic.
  4. VilesX


    @GM Vy LowThat would we great are we going to have multiple CBT before OBT?
  5. VilesX

    While Idling in BDO.

    Hi! Just want to share to you some of my experience in RO while Idling in BDO,(Black Desert Online) hehehe First, I love playing RO server that newly newly opened or reopen because I have been carving for the nostalgia of playing RO in the old day. See when RO first came to Philippine I think I was still in elem or maybe high school. I only started playing it when I was in my second year in high school I think it was 2004 before Juno was Release in the Philippines. I saw some of my schoolmates going to computer shop Instead of finishing the parade. They play RO and I was watching like omg killing ka poring was awsome when it drop the jellopy (O.O) It was like Diablo with brighter backgrounds.Then they go to Prontera and buy rapier when I saw it I was like O.o I need to play this game. So thats when I leave them and go home to find the RO CD. So I installed it on my sister computer it was Pentium 2, after installing it it required an internet connection to play so I was like yeah I know it requires internet but there is no harm in trying. I approached my mother asking for 100 pesos for for an Internet Card. Blast Card 7 hrs+3hrs night use. hahaha and you know what took me 4hrs to finish the update. by the way I got the CD from my friend I think it was on my 6 grade in elem don't really remember it was a very old version of the game and my net was 64Kbps hahaha. Ok I was able to start the game walah! But didn't have an account so I have to make one went to their site to make an account and took me 30 mins to finish it just waiting for the browser to load made me sleepy hahaha(Got 7 days trail). Anyways I was able to enter and Adventure to Rune Midgard it was too laggy thou, I've been playing on and off since then because I can't handle the lagg but I played everyday and always consumed the 7 hrs of blast card I asked 100pesos everyday to my mom for that (****ing blast card) but after a few day still able job change to swordsman. now I am a swordsman with a knife I got few hundreds of zeny from selling jellopy and fluff. I was looking for rapier the weapon I saw my schoolmate bought only to find out it was 1,000z and I cant afford. That's the start of my journey at Rune Midgard.
  6. VilesX

    Would like to suggest things

    Hi! I have been waiting for the relaunching of the server every time I ask about relaunching the server I always get an answer that you have no plans but thank goodness you are doing it. So I want to suggest things which I think in my own opinion would be good to feel the classic game. 1. No free/cash shop blue pots this would kill the retro feel of partying with priest for magnificat also some time to sit around and chat while waiting for sp recovery this will promote CO-op playing. Other build would become useless because all build will be skill base. Why go Blitzer build if I can DS non-stop and KS on all Map non-stop. Why go Asassin crit build if I can be stunned and choose to go Assassin vit to spam SB way much better. Why go Knight Agi,Crit build if I can go BB,Pierce, Brandish Non-stop. Why go BS Agi,Crit build if I can go Cart Revo, Mammo non-stop. And so on... A lot of classic Build class became useless when WOE starts because of the Blue pots supplies being available in reward shop and cash shop. So what happen to those players? Quit, Reason Filled their nostalgia already and they didn't filled satisfied. 2. Cash Shop should not promote Pay2Win like Buying cash shop items just to trade it for zenny/Equipment. We could make some items non-trade able and limit the amount of Rok they can top-up per day, per week and per month. Like this daily top up limit 2k Rok , weekly 10k Rok and monthly 30k Rok, (like in BDO, DMO etc.). Cash shop Items that won't affect players should the would to be trade able, like costumes, dyes, etc. There's a difference in getting all items in 1 day by selling Rok Items for zenny/items in farming 7days for just a chance of getting a good gear. If he keeps selling Rok Items for 1week I'm sure he will surpass anyone who had been farming for more than a week. I'm sure that is considered as Pay2Win. Those who can't play because they have work can buy Manual and BBG (Non-trade able) this way they will still have a need to play. Maybe an additional Item that will boost their EXP while in party. Not just sit in town while waiting for buyers of Rok Items while at work. Encourage team playing not idling/soloing. 3. Encourage Coop playing, No cash Items that would encourage soloing like siege box where they can and will do hag 1/2 of the mob in a map then Blowing bash or grimtooth. Where hunter would KS on every map thanks to blue pots. Melee player will be on party since every damage count. 4. Keeping the server going, Rather than relying on Cash Shop items. Affordable monthly VIP were everyone can afford with few benefits like. 1. Additional 10-50% exp rate 2. Additional 10-50% drop rate etc. at an affordable price like $6.99 per month or Php 350.00. the more people can afford it then more people will subscribe like The Generics Pharmacy(TGP). Even popular MMO only has $14.99 usd subscription and they are official server. Link sites that earn money you know when you link your site then you get cents everytime someone clicks/visits it. Have are own stats calculator site, RODatabase etc. this way it can help the server earn.(If ROph does it why can we not) 5. Zenny Flooding, later on game server is always flooded with zenny item prices increase which makes new players unable to purchase gears that are being sold specially newbies (means new to the game) we have to prevent this. Drop rate of normal drops like jellopy, cyfar, blue hair should not go beyond 50% on normal rates. this is to control zenny from overflowing the system. This way we will have are own Item and monster database so players will have to visit are own site not RMS or iROwiki. Encourage players to purchase potions at NPC's rather than get it from Reward points or Cash shop.( Slow starting phase means slow dying phase ). That is it for now will rest atm.
  7. VilesX


    I have been waiting for RSS to start once again. hope to see better changes from the previous one. we were like 3k+ when the previous server started.