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  1. it was fun while it lasted, specially shitposting you

  2. As you probably noticed, the population number is static and most of the player base are players with an established guild. The number didn't increase with the launch as many of us expected and it's a bit demotivating right now. Also, most of the players are high level and low level parties are completely dead (anything below churchyard is dead). It's hard (not to say impossible) to find parties below 50 and many players claim that they don't level characters anymore unless they have friends helping them. Not to mention that, if you pay attention to the players that are actually playing the server, most of them are under big guilds or playing along them. The number of casual players in the server is very low and we're missing them, they are the ones that increase the attendence of the server and that raise the online numbers, not only the guild players that are interested in woeing. The truth is that the current rates of the server are a complete nightmare to a casual player and to new players in general, the exp rate is hell (specially during week days), the card drop rate is completely obnoxious and the death penalty just makes it even worse. If I was a casual player from phRO, I wouldn't see any reason for me to leave my stable server to move to a private server whose rates are the same or worse, the population number is lower and I know little to no people there. I don't see why they would join the server, in all honesty. Something needs to be done to get their attention and I don't think it comes to ads only. List of possible suggestions to improve the server besides the ones that were already made and discussed on discord: 1) Slightly increase the base rates of the server (no need to increase the mvp drops though imo) so it gets more appealing to other players, specially the drop rate (do we really need to bring up the card drop rate again) and/or add manuals/bbg to the reward shop (already rejected by Vy so I believe the first option is a lot better). 2) Make reward points more appealing. On RSS v1 we used to be able to get manuals and bubblegum through reward points, that's where most of the players would spend their reward points during their leveling/grinding stages. Right now all we have are consumables that are bought just so they can be sold for zeny to spare our sanity in grinding for cards and gears with the current insane rates. 3) Investing money and/or rewarding content creators instead of just trying to reach new players through Facebook events/ads. I don't know how efficient Facebook ads are being but I've heard terribly results of them from friends that have created their own servers and invested money in it. I think that it would be a good idea to find RO content creators on youtube so they could spread the word and appeal their audience to join the server, specially people from phRO. The same goes to investing money in other platforms that can actually reach ragnarok players and convince them to join the server. 4) Please implement the suggestions that were posted and discussed previous too such as lower death penalty, card drop rate and tweeks to leveling spots. I know you want the server to last and so many of us do but the current rates of the server are not appealing casual players or new players and that should be changed. Our current player base are either players under big guilds, players that have friends in those guilds or veterans that have found their way to survive. A new player wouldn't be sane enough to go through this. Feel free to comment new suggestions and to tweek the ones I posted. tl;dr - the server needs new players and I believe we need some changes to get their attention.
  3. sure thing, just let me know how you'd like it and I'll try
  4. Some of the emblems I made for guilds that I've played in or that asked for a commission. I'll be taking commissions (in zeny) a bit after the server opens so you can reach me through pm if you're interested! )
  5. vertigo


    it's good to see you guys back < 3
  6. vertigo

    Royale Family

    welcome back )
  7. If possible, we would like an answer before the start of the server. Thanks!
  8. The rates of the server do not allow you to change such thing later on and expect it to have little to no impact on those who play. By waiting to see what happens, you'd have to wait until 2-2 starts to see how terrible that change is. And what after that? What are you going to tell to the players that were only playing knights because of the nerf on monks and to the guilds that will have to change their rosters? And are you really expecting those who aren't in favor of those changes (us, literally everyone posting in this topic) to start playing the server after those changes? Have you forgotten that your server is 1.5x exp and drop rates and that most ragnarok players study and/or have a job, which limits the amount of the time we spend on the game? Again, like everyone is pointing out, that nerf won't make woe any better or any more balanced. And don't forget that the nerf on monks in the old RSS was one of the very first reasons the server started losing guilds, many of them being ours and the others that we've talked to.
  9. The only outcome I can see with those changes are woes that will be based on zerging and/or knights versus knights since other classes will have less room for success since guilds won't be able to effectively deal with knights once they're in your stack. Yes, you can delay them by trapping but they will be disarmed by front line trappers and/or ran over by the knights. You're changing the natural balance of the game and you need to cut it by the root before the server launches since that will affect the number of people that will play it. Please listen to those who actually play woe and want it to be successful.
  10. We do not play official servers and every good old times server has traps that only affect enemies but that doesn't change the fact that there is nothing that can effectively kill them. Me and the guilds that Luffy (Godfather) mentioned play this for years and years, we're not new kids on the block and we know how impactful that nerf on monks will be. Traps will be disarmed and/or ran over by the knights, the more knights the easier that will be and, again, how will the guild ground control against them? What skill will actually kill them considering the monk nerf and that you'll have a shit ton of knights inside your guild?
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