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  1. Vehement

    Hullo c:

    Welcome to the Server! :] Have fun!
  2. Vehement


    Goodluck! Hope you get enough daily viewers to activate subs!
  3. Vehement

    Punishment for using Macro

    Next time, take a video and report it.
  4. Vehement

    Punishment for using Macro

    This is a classic reaction. Would an Admin or a Game Master lean towards a specific guild's side whenever a server rule is implemented? Please do not throw bold accusations or at least have an evidence back you up before pointing fingers. Now with regards to your Gepard claims, whilst it's true that gaming peripherals built-in software isn't classified by Gepard itself as 'illegal', Gepard cannot and will never be able to cover everything that is 'legal' and 'illegal'. Gepard is an anti-cheat security. The issue about macros isn't of it being a cheat but is against the rules as per the Admin's ruling because of fair play concerns. You can however instead of saying "oh that's BS, this is 2018/2019", suggest a resolution. We all know that there are a lot of gamers who own gaming peripherals with built-in macro features. It will be hard to catch every single one of those who would use it especially if they aren't using it as blatant as others. Official servers have had some sort of resolution for this. For example: "Macros can be bound to specific keys on special kinds of mouse or keyboards, particularly gaming mice, controllers and keyboards, and will allow for a chain of actions to occur by hitting a single button. We do at this time allow for the use of macros, as long as the player is actually present, and can pass any third party program test performed by a GM or another player in the game. Players must be present at their computer when any actions are being performed by their characters, particularly with regards to (but in no way limited to) obtaining items, adding buffs to other players, automatically attacking mobs, selling items, or farming specific nodes. Automated responses are not considered viable responses to any GM inquiries. Any time a GM contacts you in game and performs a test of any kind, you are required to respond. Refraining from responding to any question asked, or replying with an automated response, is regarded as failing the third party program test and will result in being suspended." There are some RO features which would be bloody hard and outright impossible to achieve without the aid of macros. For example, brewing tens of thousands of slim (x color) potions for war supplies. I think it's better to open and suggest scenarios where macro usages would be beneficial or detrimental so Admins can weigh the ruling better. Having said all these things, please keep the discussion healthy and avoid flaming or being provocative towards the topic and other players. Thank you
  5. Vehement

    anyone watching "The Blacklist"?

    I'll wait for that season to end then binge it!
  6. One of the iconic videos made from the previous RSS. Credits to BrOLy.
  7. Vehement

    anyone watching "The Blacklist"?

    Would you recommend it? What's it about?
  8. Vehement


    Welcome to RSS! Have fun!