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  1. Uziell

    RSS Weekend Scavenger Hunt

    Yeah just got back from a small holiday to try catch the tail end and BOOM its already over like an hour ago even though there is still time to go... Proper ticked off with you guys...
  2. Uziell

    When do you want 2-2?

    Yes give me my sage and sudur!!!!
  3. Uziell

    Punishment for using Macro

    It's a simple answer then - Perma ban them if they are NOT at their keyboards! This would be classed as botting not macroing. I use my macro mouse to BB spam on right click, should I look out for a ban too?
  4. Uziell

    Punishment for using Macro

    Where is the vote for nothing? This is 2018 not 2003 guys. Keyboards and mouse have them built in as standard. You can macro on legit servers. If you changed it to botting then yeah perma ban! If someone is sat at their computer while macro'n something then leave them to it, they are their to react.
  5. Uziell

    Forum Event - Selfie While Playing RSS

    IGN: Uziell To many Twizzlers send HALP!
  6. Uziell

    Increase card rate from .01 to .02

    +1 And please oh please big card sprite!
  7. Uziell

    Forum Event - Like and Share

    In Game Name: Uziell Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/snooziell