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    Changes to increase the server pop

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    Rework Refine system

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    Increase card rate from .01 to .02

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    só pedrada na nuca
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    Asura - 5 second sp reuse

    In that gif the Knight is taking 0 damage. If you can't see, he is taking "miss" damage, he is been keeped with KE and SW. Regarding the 5 seconds delay to use SP pots, this makes zero sense... if this happens we are going to have a meta that consists with 5x Knight guilds zerging all the way to the emp. The monk class already have a delay to prevent them spamming Azura Strike, they have to cast 5 spheres, fury, 5 spheres, not counting when he snaps, and tons of counter play like @animebabelover2009 said. This change of 5 seconds for SP items are only killing this class and creating a dumb meta for WoE.