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  1. Still looking for a guild to join in.
  2. Hello I am currently looking for a guild, I'm playing Monk as my main. Any guild that can help me level and maaaaaybe give me a boost in items and/or zenny is appreciated. My Monk build is mostly for Woe/PvP. Thank you for reading.
  3. Since they're releasing 2-2 alternate classes very soon, I want to know how stats and other factors make the Monk here in this server "RetroClassic" mode. Do I need to follow any old Monk guides or is this a new playing field for us? Thank you in advance /no1
  4. Well I think they do plan to release trans in the future since it says "Current Class"
  5. Would be nice if you organize an event for one day (ex. official launch event) that you can forge elemental weapons free of charge provided we bring the materials to you. Those prices are steep for newbie players like me and on top of the materials that we need to find.
  6. Thanks on the offer, I'll think about it.
  7. Hi everyone, first i would like to post my character profile that I will be playing in this server. In-game name: Leviathan Class: Swordsman/Knight Build: Woe oriented I'm a semi-casual/competitive RO player and currently I don't know anyone on this server, so I love to meet all of you in-game. See you everyone on the official launch!!
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