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  1. Oh and we're back boiz

  2. Sell me grape juice again okay? HAHAHA
  3. You can check my in-game name in my profile.. Well I love Anime maybe that's a valid answer?
  4. Excited but... I won't be able to play when its released... damn. GL GUYS!!!

    1. GM Vy Low

      GM Vy Low

      its just the obt, you can still participate in the upcoming events and win exclusive costumes

    2. Toujou Koneko

      Toujou Koneko

      Nice! I do love costumes so  that's good news  for me! ,,

      Well quick question. Does signum crusis forces the monster to do a specific emoticon ... I forgot which emoticon is that . . haha


      And can you remove the script when monster's are getting tired when being lured 😄 or maybe next time..

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