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  1. tavernn

    Increase card rate from .01 to .02

    What was card rate on RSS v1?
  2. tavernn

    Expanding the range of leveling spot

    Reducing the amount of "annoying" mobs is good though, makes the maps viable. I understand not completely eliminating them.
  3. tavernn

    Expanding the range of leveling spot

    +1 to never make mobs tired and always chase just some ideas below: beach_dun2 https://www.rssrestart.com/?module=map&action=view&map=beach_dun2 +20 stalactic golem gl_dun01 https://www.rssrestart.com/?module=map&action=view&map=gl_dun01 swap number of arclouze and stalactic golem 100 golem 40 arclouze gl_sew03 https://www.rssrestart.com/?module=map&action=view&map=gl_sew03 - remove cramp in_sphinx4 https://www.rssrestart.com/?module=map&action=view&map=in_sphinx4 +20 minorous cmd_fild03 https://www.rssrestart.com/?module=map&action=view&map=cmd_fild03 - 20 pest beach_dun https://www.rssrestart.com/?module=map&action=view&map=beach_dun make this a merman map? + 40 merman - 10 neraid - 10 pest
  4. tavernn

    Expanding the range of leveling spot

    +1 please
  5. tavernn

    Forum Event - Like and Share

    IGN: Sloane Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hannah.ramirez.73700
  6. tavernn

    MVP variance times

    better for competition BECAUSE then groups/guilds who want to hunt mvps can easily get the times and compete for the next time the mvps spawn. without tombstones, this gives the party already killing the mvp an advantage.
  7. tavernn

    MVP variance times

    30 mins is good
  8. tavernn

    MVP variance times

    10 minutes ideal, 30 minutes would be more manageable and also works. Both are way better than a 2 hours variance which makes MvP hunting (the only "end game" content this episode) random and non-competitive.
  9. tavernn

    reward points / Cash Points

    The items you redeem for the points, be it grape juice or anything
  10. tavernn

    reward points / Cash Points

    Will the rewards be tradeable?
  11. tavernn

    MVP variance times

    What will the variance times be for MVPs spawning? On most servers it is 10 minutes, but on the DB here it lists for most mvps 60min-180min. That is confusing, can we get some clarification on that? Also, will tombstones appear where the MVPs die?
  12. tavernn

    Asura - 5 second sp reuse

    Monks already have a natural cooldown with having to cast 5 spheres, fury, then another 5 spheres. The delay just makes countering the (incredibly terrible) zerg knight pre-trans WoE meta harder. In turn, that makes WoE coordination and team-play less important because you just stack and zerg knights to win. Asura is the only way to effectively deal with it.
  13. tavernn

    Question about points

    Are the ROK points (used for VIP), voting points, and hourly reward points all the same?