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  1. Strategist

    Forum Event - Like and Share

    IGN: Strategist Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/kapogiankatalinuhankarismasaiisangkatawan
  2. What assurance can you give us that you would NOT ABANDON the server just like you did the last time? People were not too happy that the previous server was abandoned. What is the reason you are reopening the server? We love this game and we loved the previous sever but you abandoned us like a teenage mom to her unwanted child. People were still playing, people were still donating, there was no valid reason to abandon the server. PS I am not the only who has this question.
  3. Strategist

    What is best for Cloud Hosting?

    I tried Arvixe before. Not that expensive, with great customer and 99.9% uptime!
  4. Strategist

    Server Information

    Max base level is just 90? Typo?
  5. Strategist

    Server Information

    If you are looking for a staff member, I am interested.
  6. Strategist

    Server Information

    Is it the same management team?
  7. Strategist

    Server Information

    I am the first player to join Sarah once again.