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  1. Stewie

    Pet showcase event

    IGN: stewie Pet Name: Shunda
  2. Would it be possible to update some skills? • Frost Nova (Wizard): It has a single target, and has a cast of 6 seconds at level 1, that makes it a useless skill. • Magnum Breaker (Swordman) You need to select a target to use it. Recalling that I am comparing with the 1st Sarah Server, because he had the 2 skills updated. If you can help us with that, thank you!
  3. If that happens, how long will it take for the next patcher?
  4. Ele mandou pm agora mesmo me pedindo pra fazer esse post, e que vai ser implementado no próximo patcher!
  5. We have a lot of players, but playing with 200+ ping. Can u help us?? :(
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