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  1. SpivsterTv

    RSS Weekend Scavenger Hunt

    Wanderer please
  2. SpivsterTv

    Forum Event - Selfie While Playing RSS

    IGN : Spivster 43% in to 98. Send help! #RSSRestart #RSS #RokON #RSSelfie
  3. SpivsterTv


    I would love to hear which class everybody is creating first.
  4. SpivsterTv

    RSS Restart - Race Event

    Thanks for letting us know. When the server launches will we be able to purchase an item silimar to the 10% extra bonus given to people in the giveaways? Will the item shop be live once the server launches? I would love to know what consumables will be available. I was going to give race to 99 a serious try but i wont bother now, I will play more casually.
  5. SpivsterTv


    Hey all! I'm back for RSS launch and will be streaming everyones progress daily. If you have time come and hang out with the server's awesome community at https://twitch.tv/SpivsterTV See you all on the 20th when we go LIVE! Exciting times ahead.