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  1. Spivst3r

    Forum Event - Selfie While Playing RSS

    IGN : Spivst3r #RSSRestart #RokON #RSS #RSSelfie
  2. Spivst3r

    Punishment for using Macro

    If by luck on your behalf and it is only a temporary ban we can work out that your precast in woe is going to be a walk over. So there's some constellation for you and your 3 wizzie friends having a free character and zeny.
  3. Spivst3r

    Punishment for using Macro

    I have a screen shot from yesterday where a Wiz in party wasn't too happy about you AFK'ing while he was there doing work. He had a family, a life, but he still knew that it was wrong to step away from his computer and sleep while he levelled in the party. Only your close friends think it is acceptable that you do this. "Play"2Win