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  1. Smokie

    Punishment for using Macro

    The only reason a macroing wizard is called a "bot" is because his function in a party is extremely simple, so it can be automated with a simple macro, much like how you can macro a bard or dancer simply by automating a single key press every 10 seconds. Don't compare it to an actual bot, in fact you can't even truly leave the macro wiz unattended for prolonged periods of time (ie. while sleeping) because he gets overweight easily and needs to frequently drop off loot. Because of this confusion, I'm not even really sure if this topic is about all macros or """botting""" with macros. If it is about all macros, a harsh punishment will simply hurt your server because like many others have said, macros are simply too omnipresent these days, so we quickly get to a point where everyone who tries to play the game gets punished for autistic reasons.
  2. Smokie

    Increase card rate from .01 to .02

    Maybe some people think I was just spouting rumors and myths before, so here I will deliver conclusive proof that card drops on officials are 0.02, due to a bug adding 0.01 to all drop chances. This is a well-known thing and became particularly discussed on forums when people wondered how bubblegum works with this bug. Documentation on iRO Wiki: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Drop_System#Calculation (0.01 is added to final drop value) This is why droprates are accurate on irowiki, for example: http://db.irowiki.org/olddb/monster-info/1056/ (0.02 card drop) Documentation on rAthena: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/conf/battle/drops.conf Line 116, Setting to increase drops by 0.01 Now, why is this? To explain take a look at the actual drop rate code (credits to mrj): https://paste2.org/ABvcAOIP The explanation lies in this part: So, assume DropValue = 1 (in 0.01 case) We therefore have "roll <= 1" (less than or equal to 1) rolls are 0-10000 However, 0 as well as 1 <= 1 Therefore, you will have TWO rolls, (0, 1) that will be "valid" as a drop roll. So basically, the bug is that everything will always have the 0 roll as an "extra" roll on top of the rolls determined by drop value, all caused by the <= operator including 0 below the lowest "supposed" value 1. In case where only 1 roll is supposed to be valid, such as 0.01 cards, we actually have two valid rolls, effectively doubling the droprate, thus the lowest is 0.02. Everything else is 0.01 higher as well, because it all gets 1 more roll than it should. To sum up my argument, I am saying that 0.01 is not "natural" and never has been, and nobody is actually used to these rates, not even official players from a decade ago. At best, they just think they are. "We are a low rate server" doesn't justify it, just think about: when it comes to cards, you are twice as grindy as officials, twice. You might as well say "we have 0.5x rates for cards", then maybe you will realize how insane it truly is. All people are asking for is what is actually the standard on official servers. Don't act like this is a ridiculous demand, or threatens the economy, or whatever.
  3. Smokie

    Increase card rate from .01 to .02

    All cards on officials are at least 0.02 due to a bug adding 0.01 to every drop (thus, cards are 0.01+0.01) Why should pservers be harder grind (twice as hard, literally) than officials? These low rates are completely unreasonable, and increasing to .02 is not even "custom" in the first place.