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  1. Sixte


    Hello, i'm a little bit worried about the drop rates, especially the x1 on cards, why not up a little bit ? like 0,02 or 0,03 ? because 0,01 is way to low i think , noone complained about it on officials since official was full of bots, so the markets were full of cards, but here it will be a different story. Am i the only one worried about the drop rates that low ? Also , where do you plan to put your proxys ? tyty
  2. Sixte

    Skill Changes

    Bowling Bash - Only hits targets once. Has gutterlines and a maximum knockback of 5 cells. Does 100% + 50%*level. (600% damage for level 10 Bowling Bash) ?
  3. Sixte

    Skill Changes

    i prefer the bowling bash with 2 hits that everybody knows and like
  4. Sixte

    Skill Changes

    yeah, the Knights ends up going statut knight over DPS, you completly **** the game by all theses changements, let ragnarok online how it was originaly yo xD
  5. Sixte

    Skill Changes

    Hi there, Arrow Shower - Requires a target and cannot be cast on the ground. Based on ASPD like Double Strafe. -This is also the original classic Arrow Shower skill. arrow shower was a realy good tool for pvp hunter / sniper, if you do that, you'll remove a great tool from them, makes no sens to me....being official doesnt mean its good..... Asura Strike - has a 5 seconds sp reuse cooldown -It will stay as 5 second sp reuse cooldown. This would be the best for Asura rather than a skill cooldown. why lol, if you'r worring abouts asura, just put a 5delay on the skill, dont put a sp potion cooldown Basically with almost all your changes, you'll minimize the skill gap of the players, and force them to play like retards. i mean what is the monk supposed to do when he'll asura ? just walk back like a beginner would do ? cant pneuma for safety ? cant hide ? cant call spirit snap ? cant absorb another monk who'll come for them ? you just ruin the gameplay by doing that, and once again, something being 'official' doesnt mean its good you know, thats the reason why we do not play on Official ragnarok, the game is way 2 casual now, and you guys seems to like it...... anyway 2 muchs casuals modifications for me, made for casuals players, i'm out