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  1. retsel321

    RSS Weekend Scavenger Hunt

    I got a plan since we cant revise the event mechanics coz there will be more backlash, Lets us all invite our friends(from the past server) and tell them we can help them earn the price and they can start the game with a VIP for a month since we already hit the mark as of now 66,490Poring Coins got collected.... Win Win for everyone more players more fun the more comrades and enemy to play with the longer the life of the server will be hehehe.... thats all hehehehe.... -YouJin
  2. retsel321

    RSS Weekend Scavenger Hunt

    make it 400-600 to become eligible for reward or put a bracket like this: 300 poring coin eligible if reach 20,000 Poring Coins (whole server) 1 xBubble Gum Box 600 poring coin eligible if reach 40,000 Poring Coins (whole server)- 1 x Advanced Field Manual 10pcs 800 poring coin eligible if reach 40,000 Poring Coins (whole server)- 1 x VIP Ticket 30 Days 1000 poring coin eligible if reach120,000 Poring Coins - 1 x Neuralizer 1200 poring coin eligible if reach160,000 Poring Coins - 1 x Costume 4Leaf Clover In Mouth (15 percent Exp and non-tradable) Just to be fair for those who grind for the event
  3. retsel321

    RSS Weekend Scavenger Hunt

    If you will add majo then add seal and otter but it will not make the event special if you do that
  4. retsel321

    too weak

    Grimtooth - Forced Neutral. 100% damage at all levels. Decreases movement speed of targets (less scattering). Affected by arrows. The Nerfed is too much and the Buffed is almost a lie..., Why did I say it is almost a lie??? coz grimtooth make mob flinch and with attack speed of 169 or 174 most of the mobs wont scatter or lock in place so where will you put the slow effect??? in the first place you will not want to lure insects and other fast moving mobs. Lastly why throw stone was not affected buy arrow??? all the server i play have throw stone affected by arrow??? it was consider as range attack like lvl3 grimtooth become range attack and affected buy the arrow effect.
  5. retsel321

    Rebuff Grimtooth!!!

    hope more people see this post and give their comment or suggestion so ill UP! UP! UP! my own post maybe people who are late to register at forum will see this. by the way the slow effect really dont work.... flinch is a default for almost every damage skill even DS have that effect so i urge the assassin community to give their view about this topic. Usefull Tip: +Grimtooth affected by Katar effect and can overlap with arrow Ex. WindKatar(Sleep) and Frozen Arrow. - Wind elem. Vs. Frozen target??? hehehe
  6. retsel321

    Rebuff Grimtooth!!!

    Hi GM, developer, and fellow players :). just want to suggest to increase the dmg. to 150% since the mini-slow effect(that you impliment)do not really help, because when you use Grimtooth there is already a flinch effect and if your attack speed is between 169-174 mobs will still scotter and out of range in no time. its hard to play thief class and you already make it harder for us by lowering steal on mobs(make money) hope this small dmg. rebuff can be reconsider. by the way i already have assassin and experience mobing with party and but most of the time alone(since its hard to join party even if you beg coz they already have a knights to lure). So im really hoping for rebuff coz i play standard build assassin. With gratitude, YouJin
  7. retsel321

    Internet connection via VPN cant connect

    ok sir i think i have a solution hehehehe just an idea pop on my head hehehhehe Softether and it works many thanks.
  8. retsel321

    Internet connection via VPN cant connect

    the problem is i work from place to place and i dont always have a good internet connection so i bypass my mobile provider via HTTP Injector to get a better speed, lower ping and unli data.
  9. Good Morning Sir/Ma'am just wanna ask how can i play this game with VPN connection. coz i cant open it, currently im using HTTP Proxt Injector and the game cant be patch nor cannot directly open through .exe...
  10. retsel321


    hi idol
  11. retsel321

    Forum Event - Like and Share

    IGN: YouJin FB LINK: https://web.facebook.com/eugenecavan
  12. retsel321


    GM, if more people want PK on MVP maps is it possible to make a mode like you can only kill MVP if you are going to @PK on or someting??? So they can have what they want and other player wont become part of collateral dmg. due to bloodbath XD