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  1. ren

    Punishment for using Macro

    Should rename title to botting. Everyone in the topic is talking about how bad macros are to bot-level or bot-farm, not about how they press buttons. Botting has always been ilegal, and macros are almost unidentifiable unless there's a guy casting SG/pharmacy on the same spot for 12 hours which still, despite what's he's doing I doubt it could deserve a permaban since its a really ordinary action that everyone can do. Still, if he steals your mob under macro its KS and can be banned, so you can't abuse it. But overall, if you start witch hunting macro users the thing that's gonna happen is that these players are gonna be more sneaky, or careful to not let it be seen that hard, but they'll end doing it anyway. You may also end up banning people that weren't even doing it creating more problems. Just like grf edits, you can say these are illegal, but have no way of proving them unless the player itself shows it up. At least this time, you blocked almost the entire file so you know its alright and can't be easily done. Macroing = no sanction Botting = permaban KSing = variable sanctions
  2. ren

    too weak

    Idk why was needed to force neutral on grimtooth, damage was quite reduced already every hitter class has a potential elemental AoE skill (cart revo, arrow shower, bb/bs or magic) and thief now has nothing so yeah, crit is buffed a bit and grim is nerfed so hard its only useful to apply status in pvm doesn't make any sense to kill with grim because the damage is so bad that you can do it faster one by one even with a casual crit aside from being a steal-machine and doing some very specific things (high def mobs or emp breaker? megalul), they suck now... even more than before