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  1. ReiGNboW

    RSS REstart - Sunday Night Ragnarok

    IGN: MVPjotr BragiForEveryone Uriel xerniiii Guild: Impel Down
  2. ReiGNboW

    Pecopeco Hairband BUG

    I've just bought the Pecopeco Hairband and I found that my attack speed gets lowered and my casting speed higher when im using it. Is this intentional? My rogue attack was slower than without it and my GC saders casting was slower than not using it at all. I can provide screenshots if needed
  3. ReiGNboW

    Guild Package

    Where is the guild package NPC? I believe our whole guild wants access to the guild package, and we leveled to guild to be qualified. In this way we may be able to participate better in the next WoE's to come. IGN: ReiGNboW Guild: Impel Down Member: 36/44
  4. ReiGNboW

    RSS Restart: Monk vs Monk Event

    IGN: MVPjotr Guild: Impel Down