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  1. princevince


    Not enough of this you mean? /sob
  2. princevince

    When do you want 2-2?

    Release the 2-2 by the end of november or early then set the War of Emperium on January it could boost the population of the server. If you don't release the 2-2 class/jobs before december you will lose tons of players and as far as I can see the server population is going down little by little. Since people wants to play 2-2 class/jobs nowadays. +1 to early release of 2-2 jobs/class!
  3. princevince

    First Aid Skill

    Could you please help me to get the first aid skill my character is already 2nd Job [ hunter ] but when I was in training ground I didn't get any first aid but my other characters has it only this one. IGN : Prince Vince
  4. princevince


    I bought 1 Proof of donation through paypal then im trying to sell a VIP to other players and when the time I click sarah irine and buy the VIP it went in through my account but I already had 1 VIP. Please help I need a refund I don't need 2x VIP in my account and I don't even know if its stacked into my account. Refund my 10k roks please.
  5. princevince


    Thanks GM Vy Low! #RssRestart #SarahServer #1
  6. princevince


    I would like to suggest not to give ( 4 days ) maintenance before the Official Server Launch. Why? Four reasons why I don't want a Maintenance after OBT : 1. First, people will be frustrated because that day is weekends ( some people have work on weekdays, that's the only day/time they can play ). 2. That is Long Weekends which means its 3 days off for some people. 3. No Ragnarok No Life for others ( Including me ROFL ) 4. Last but not the least you MIGHT lose tons of players in this server. ( I love Sarah Server LEGIT classic and fun to play ). I know it is hard to fix the server bug issues without a certain amount of time but I am just concern like other people including my friends/guildmates in this kind of matter. We and other players already invest a lot of time/money since the opening day until now so I would like to suggest not to do Four ( 4 days ) Maintenance. Although if there is no other option fixing the error/bug issues well I think there is nothing we players can do about it. Thank you peace y'all!
  7. Na kaltas na po yung donation sa credit card ko then wala ako ma claim, pero kanina before mag start yung game naka donate ako twice lumabas naman.

    1. GM Vy Low

      GM Vy Low

      go to rssrestart.com live chat

  8. princevince

    2-2 at release

    Make it 2-1 for 6-12 months then update to 2-2 whenever people are asking for it. Enjoy the 2-1 classic meta for couple of months/years then we'll all vote for 2-2 transcendent jobs.