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  1. PengBoomOuch

    Convenience Purposes

    It is! multi client is not allowed. doesnt matter if its on the same device or two different ones, as long as you control both applications, its illegal.
  2. PengBoomOuch

    Auto Follow

    multi client is not allowed
  3. PengBoomOuch

    Farming Merchie

    u can farm in culverts. later also wolfes, pecos, poison spores in geffen dungeon1. I will do something like this: 90 Str 70 Agi 52 Vit 50 Dex
  4. PengBoomOuch

    Graphics Bug?

    same here. looks like some polygons in cities are inverted also. also it seems that there are sprite issues with hats, items and mobs. antialiasing problems i mean. its all too pixelated.
  5. PengBoomOuch

    not even trying

    Count me in booyz. Im a mage, ingame name same as acc here: PengBoomOuch