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  1. Oreia

    Guild Package

    Maybe you could offer something for the small guilds? Because this package just gives crazy advantage to already crazy big guilds that are crazy ahead, this will just create more and More gap between the bigger and the smaller guilds? You could just offer the item sets for example, and not the GM rewards, that way people wouldnt abuse the crazy amount of tonics and sieges? That way we, The smaller guilds, could still get the items for woe and not get left out.
  2. Oreia

    Guild Package

    IGN: Jesus (guildmaster: Stell) Guild: Arms Party Members: 4/20 Note: We started as a 2man guild when the server begun, we've been playing ever since but never got more members to join as we wanted to keep it Finnish guild. Recently we got more recruits, old players who used to play with us like 12 years ago, and we are about to get couple more recruits in the upcoming days. Now we could actually have a chance to participate in Woe in the future , so please consider letting Arms Party participate in this Guild Package thing, as we're not just a guild that was made for the sake of the package.
  3. Oreia

    Merry Christmas Event!

    Nice event